How to Use Magnifier on Windows 10


Magnifier Windows 10 Overview

Magnifier is a system application on Windows 10 which enables you to zoom in part or all the display screen so that you can clearly see the words or images presented before you. It is undeniable that there are many situations that need you to enlarge the display screen on Windows 10, such as reading a text, showing bigger items, etc. So you must get tricks about how to use Magnifier proficiently.

To know how to use Magnifier on Windows 10, you should at first learn how to turn on the Magnifier on Windows 10. After that, you can move on to get more skills about using Magnifier on Windows 10, for instance, learn to change the views of the Magnifier.

How to turn on the Magnifier on Windows 10?

1. Click Settings and then choose Ease of access.

2. Under Magnifier tab, move the slider to turn Magnifier on.

The moment you opened the Magnifier, the Magnifier toolbar will appear.

turn magnifier on

Here the default setting is to use Magnifier in full-screen view.

Or to be more quickly open the Magnifier, you can also press Win + + (plus sign).

How to Turn off Magnifier on Windows 10?

To close Magnifier on Windows 10 when you are not in need of it.

You can press Win + ESC or click the Magnifying glass icon and then choose to hit the close button on the Magnifier toolbar. And there are 23 shortcuts you must know on Windows 10.

How to Change the Magnifier Views on Windows 10?

There are three kinds of Magnifier view options on Windows 10, namely, full-screen, lens, and docked. Here you choose which one if your preference.

To change the Magnifier Views, click the Magnifying glass icon and tab Views. Then you can see the three view options—full-screen, lens, and docked.

change view options

In Full-screen mode —- the default mode, the entire screen is enlarged. Wherever your mouse pointer is, the zoomed area keeps following. If you are using the touch screen, you can click the plus or minus sign to zoom in or zoom out. If you move your finger or mouse along the border or the edges to drag the view up, down, left and right.

In Lens mode, in this option, instead of the entire screen magnified, only a portion of you display screen is zoomed in. And when you move around the screen, it seems that there is a Magnifying glass moving.

In Docked mode, the magnified area in this mode is fixed. Usually, it is on the top of the Windows 10 screen. But you can try to change the zoomed area by dragging to other edges of the screen.

How to Customize Magnifier on Windows 10?

Apart from the settings option above, there are many other options you can choose for your Magnifier on Windows 10.

You can click the Setting Icon of the Magnifier to change the level of the Magnifier zoom, color, focus and so on.

magnifier setting icon on windows 10

Especially for the Lens mode, you can make changes to the lens height and width by dragging the slider up and down, left and right.

change the height and width of the lens mode

To conclude, Magnifier is a very useful tool on Windows 10. You will benefit a lot from it if you are familiar with its various usages. For instance, in this passage, you can mainly know how to turn on and turn off the Magnifier on Windows 10, and how to do some settings to Magnifier.

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