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What Does FTFY Mean (2023 Update)

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FIFY is short for “fixed that for you”, and it is a slang or abbreviation on Reddit and Twitter.

what does ftfy mean

Many social media users have reported that they often see FTFY on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. They have no idea what “ftfy” means and how they can use it on social media websites, especially those discussion forums like Reddit. Therefore, this article tries to introduce the definition and uses of FTFY to you.

What is the Meaning of FTFY?

As an internet acronym, “ftfy” means “fixed that for you”.

In terms of how to use ftfy, on the one hand, “FTFY” whose full form is “fixed that for you”, is used to convey that the problem or trouble has been figured out or solved.

On the other hand, the abbreviation FTFY standing for “fixed that for you” is used sarcastically to point out a different opinion from that of another one or others.

Examples in using FTFY:

Example 1:

User 1: How about the error about browsing that website?

User 2: You can navigate to it as you wish. FTFY.

In this example, “ftfy” is applied to express the original meaning of “fixed that for you”, which means the problem has been tackled.

Example 2:

User 1: That actor is interesting.

User 2: No, not at all. FTFY.

In example 2, user 2 uses “ftfy” to show that he or she does not agree with the opinion of user 1, namely, that actor is not interesting at all.

What is the Origin of FTFY?

This phrase “fixed that for you” has been firstly added to the Urban Dictionary with an original definition of “fixed that for you”, which simply means to fix a problem or an error.

Nevertheless, later, ftfy, the acronym appeared and used widely on social media carrying twofold meanings, fixing that for you to show the problem has been fixed or one of the users does not agree with another one. And there are even FTFY memes on social media.

In this way, when you would like to use this slang FTFY, you need to ensure that your words convey the meaning as you wish.

For instance, if you hope to use the original meaning of FTFY, fixed that for you, you may need to fix a problem for someone or others.

In short, you can gain the definition of FTFY as well as how to use it on Reddit and Twitter. For meanings of more slangs, search them on this website.

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