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What Does GL Mean

 GL – First Glance:

The internet acronym GL stands for Good luck or Good looking.

what does gl mean

Further Exploration:

Sometimes, you may receive a message or post that contains an internet slang – gl. Or on social networking sites such as Snapchat and Instagram or in an anime, an internet abbreviation or acronym gl comes into your sight.

However, if you have no idea about the meaning of gl sexually, or on social media or texting, it may cause misunderstandings. And it would be better that you avoid using this impolite slang in texting or social media.

What does GL Mean?

In most cases, GL is short for “Good luck” and “Good looking” on social media. Or the full form of gl in Sarkar is also “Good luck”. Therefore, it may convey the feeling of wish or appreciation.

Meanwhile, glhf is usually mentioned along with gl, which means “Good luck have fun”. And it is worth noting that GL may mean sexually as “good looking”.

Other meanings of GL:

1. Sometimes, the definition of GL is Girl love, and correspondingly, BL stands for “boy love”.

2. In medical terms, gl stands for Gingival Level.

3. “get lost” in other cases.

Examples in using GL:

Example 1:

Texter 1: That is a girl with GL.

Texter 2: Yes, she is.

In above text messages, texer 1 takes advantage of GL to represent “good looking” to show that the girl is beautiful.

Example 2:

User 1: I have a math test tomorrow.

User 2: GL. You will get high grades.

In this conversation on social media, GL stands for “good luck”. User 2 wish good luck form user 1 in his exam.

Example 3:

Texer 1: Buddy, let’s play basketball after school.

Texter 2: GL. I have much homework to do.

Here, the meaning of GL is “get lost”. Texter 2 wants Texter 1 to leave him alone so that he can do his homework. More often than not, GL with a definition of “get lost” is used among close friends that understand each other well.

How to Use GL?

It is strongly recommended that you don’t use gl in social media communication or text messages since gl stands for “good looking” sexually.

It may make some people uncomfortable about what you have expressed about gl.

But if you want to use gl regardless of its impoliteness or even rudeness, you can use it to wish somebody good luck or praise some people for their good-looking sexually.

Anyway, after you got what gl really means sexually, just try not to use it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. in case of causing misunderstanding or awkwardness.

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