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What Does HMU Mean (2023 Update)

HMU – First Glance:

In most cases, “hmu” stands for “hit me up”, which is normally a request for invitation to do something with someone or some people together.

what does hmu mean

Have you ever seen the internet abbreviation “hmu” on social media? Do you want to know the meaning of “hmu” in different situations or contexts? If so, you may as well learn about the definitions and examples of this slang with following messages.

What Is the Meaning of HMU?

Normally, the acronym “hmu” means “hit me up”, implying that someone is expecting to be invited to do something with another one or others.

The full name of “hum” being “hit me up” denotes that you are encouraging someone to text you or call you or post to you or hang out with you.

What are Other Meanings of HMU?

Apart from a meaning of “hit me up”, “hmu” has many other meanings as an internet slang or abbreviation.

Hmu is also defined as “hold my unicorn”, which is an meme widely used on the internet and originally applied to stand for any meanings that “hmu” has according to different understandings of people.

hold my unicorn

Hmu can also mean “hook me up”, displaying that someone is wishing someone who interests him or her to invite him or her to do something.

Therefore, this meaning of “hook me up” has something in common with hmu meaning “hit me up”, but it stresses that the other one is the person whom I’m intereted in.

Example in using HMU

User 1: Hi, you can HMU anytime.

User 2: Ok, that’s great.

In this example, hmu may mean “hit me up” or “hook me up”. That depicts that User 1 request User 2 to invite him or her to do something together.

What is the Origin of HMU?

HMU firstly came out as an interet slang with a meaning of “hold my unicorn”. And “hold my unicorn” has diversified meanings depending on the senses the user or texer wants to convey.

Later, in Urban Dictionary, hmu standing for “hit me up” has redefined the definition of “hmu” to ask for an invitation.

In short, from this article, you will have a general understanding of the internet slang or acronym “hmu” about “hmu” meaning and uses in conversations.

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