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What does HOO Mean (2023 Update)

HOO – First Glance:

Hoo, an internet slang, means “Stuff, crap”.

what does hoo mean

As an internet abbreviation, hoo is widely used on different social media platforms. And in different cases, hoo may represent different meanings. And in fact, hoo is a word in the scrabble dictionary. In this post, all the potential definitions of hoo will be displayed.

What does Hoo Mean?

In most cases, hoo stands for “Stuff, crap”, from which you can sense what the post or text message sender wants to express. To be specific, as an internet acronym, hoo is used to convey the feeling like triumph or surprise.

But the meaning of hoo changes. There are more definition of hoo. For instance, hoo may simply means crap as it literally denotes. Or in some situations, hoo stands for some top-end things, so some sellers choose to relate the store name to hoo, for instance, Hoo shoes. Besides, hoo can also refer to a large amount of things.

Examples of Hoo:

User 1: hoo, my favorite basketball team won the final game.

User 2: Hoo!

Both user 1 and user 2 used “hoo” to convey a sense of triumph as the team they love best has won the game.

What is the Origin of Hoo?

Actually, Hoo is originally the name for people who live on a spur of a hill. And this word originates from the Old English dative case hoe (originally used after a preposition) of hoh ‘spur of a hill’.

Therefore, similar to hoo on in Sutton Hoo (a place), this hoo comes from the Old English sut + tun. And you need to know that Hoo is the obsolete variant of ho, whose plural form is hos or hoes. Meanwhile, hoo is also considered the dialectal variant of WHO sometimes.

How to Use Hoo?

Depending on what you would like to express, hoo can be used differently. But generally speaking, this internet abbreviation appears mostly on social media or text.

For instance, you can use it to describe something that is not good by saying that “what is the hoo”.

For some of you, hoo mean a large amount of something like money, paper, water, etc. so you can reply in a message or post that “how could there be a hoo of water in my house”.

In a word, from this article, the definition, etymology and use of hoo as an internet slang are available for you. For more online acronyms, just turn to this site.

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