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What Does HOR Mean (2023 Update)

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HOR, an internet abbreviation, stands for horizon or horizontal, which usually means the horizon where the sun rises and sets.

what does hor mean

What is the meaning of hor? Many people doubt that why there are many people sending message with a strange word “hor”. Therefore, this article wishes to show you the definitions of hor in not only texting or social media but also other specific fields or countries like hor in military and Urdu.

What Does Hor Mean?

In most cases, hor refers to horizon or horizontal, which is to show a straight line like that of sunrise or sunset.

What are other meanings of Hor?

 1. Hor meaning in history:

In history, hor stands for “Home of Record”.

2. Hor meaning in military:

The full name of hor in military is “travel allowance back”, which is the state where you first enlisted or from where you received a commission from one of the branches of armed services.

3. Hor meaning in Urdu

(the official literary language of Pakistan, closely related to Hindi; widely used in India)

In Urdu, Hor means “Saat War ساعت وار”.

4. Hor meaning in Hebrew

In Hebrew, hor means “Mount Hor”, two distinct mountains in the Old Testament.

5. Hor as a movie genre

In movies, hor implies “horror, a type of movie genre opposite to comedy.

6. HOR meaning in politics

In politics, the internet acronym HOR stands for “House of Representative”.

Generally speaking, the internet slang “hor” represents “horizon” or “horizontal” in texting or social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. But in specific fields, countries, or regions, the definitions or full names of “hor” vary. You can check this website for details.

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