Download HP PageWide Pro MFP 477DW Drivers on Windows 7/8/10/11

hp pagewide pro mfp 477dw drivers download

A printer driver is a program that makes your computer and an attached printer work together. Printer issues like blank page printing and error code messages can occur when your HP PageWide Pro MFP 477DW drivers are corrupted or outdated. Therefore, you must download and install the latest correct HP PageWide Pro 477dw drivers.

If you are looking for ways to update drivers for your HP PageWide Pro 477dw printer on Windows, then this article will help you do it. You will update your HP printer drivers easily and safely by following the three methods below.

Method 1: Update HP PageWide Pro MFP 477DW Drivers in Device Manager

Device Manager in Windows allows you to view the hardware installed on your computer and its properties. It allows you to change hardware settings, identify device drivers for each device, view and change settings and properties, and uninstall, update, rollback, enable, and disable drivers.

So if you don’t want to use free third-party driver updater software, this article will tell you how to update HP PageWide Pro MFP 477DW printer drivers using Device Manager in Windows 11/10/8/7. The following are the detailed steps:

Step 1: Open the Windows Start menu and type device manager. Open the Device Manager when the option appears. (Or, type device manager into the search bar.)

Step 2: Open Print queues.

Step 3: Right-click your HP PageWide Pro MFP 477DW printer device, and select Update driver.

update driver

Step 4: Click Search automatically for drivers.

Step 5: Follow the on-screen prompts to finish the updating process if any update is available.


If Windows finds a newer version of your HP printer driver, you can install it now. If not, it may mean that you already have the latest version of the driver, or that Windows Device Manager cannot find a newer driver. You can use a driver update tool to search or go to the manufacturer’s website to double-check.

As mentioned above, sometimes Windows Device Manager may not be able to find a driver for your HP PageWide Pro MFP 477DW printer device. If this happens, you may need software that can automatically update your outdated drivers. According to most users, the easiest and safest way to install and update all drivers is to use third-party freeware.

Driver Booster is an industry-leading PC driver update utility. It is designed to update the software of old or outdated drivers on Windows. It regularly scans your hardware drivers and updates any old drivers as well as drivers that no longer work. As it can automatically update your computer drivers with just a few clicks, it is suitable for both experienced and novice users.

In addition to keeping your Windows drivers updated, Driver Booster also offers various tools that help improve your device’s gaming performance. It also provides you with six improved and useful tools to fix more common computer issues and errors so that your system compatibility and stability improve a lot.

Step 1: Download, install and open Driver Booster on Windows 11 or Windows 10.

Step 2: In the main menu of the program, press Scan.

driver booster scan

After clicking the icon Scan, wait for the software to finish scanning. After it has finished, it will show all available driver updates.

Step 3: Press Update Now at the top right to update all outdated drivers with one click, or select Update next to the HP PageWide Pro MFP 477DW printer to install the latest driver solely.

Now, all that’s left to do is to wait for your device to finish the process.

Method 3: Update HP PageWide Pro MFP 477DW Drivers on the official site

If you want to find printer driver updates yourself, you can download them directly from their website. Some top printer manufacturers like HP offer automatic driver update programs, and most offer driver update software. If you are performing your own update, you first need to identify your printer model.

However, finding the right drivers for your HP PageWide Pro MFP 477DW printer can be time-consuming and risky, especially when Windows does not recognize your computer-specific drivers. But you can easily download the latest driver from HP’s official website by following the tutorial below.

Step 1: Go to the HP PageWide Pro MFP 477DW printer support page.

Step 2: Make sure your OS.

The software resulting page for your computer displays with the default operating system selected. If you need to change the operating system, click Choose a different OS, select your operating system and version, and then click Change.

hp pagewide pro mfp 477dw drivers select os

Step 3: Download the Driver.

From the list of available software and driver categories, click the category Driver-Product Installation Software (2), and then expand Basic Drivers (1). Lastly, click the Download icon next to the file named HP PageWide Pro 477dw Printer Series PCL6 Basic Driver with Installer.

hp pagewide pro mfp 477dw drivers click download


This basic feature software solution is a driver-only software solution intended for customers who only want a basic Print, Scan and Fax feature to use with their HP printer. If you want the full-feature software solution, it is available as a separate download named “HP PageWide Pro 477dw Printer Series Full Software Solution”.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software or driver.

# FAQ about HP PageWide Pro MFP 477DW Drivers

Q1: How do I connect my HP PageWide Pro MFP 477DW printer?

You can use a USB cable to connect the product to a computer. This product supports a USB 2.0 connection. Use an A-to-B type USB cable. HP recommends using a cable that is no longer than 2 m.

Q2: How fast does HP PageWide Pro MFP 477DW print?

When you choose the HP PageWide Pro MFP 477DW, you’re getting print speeds of 55 pages per minute that other printers in its class just can’t match.

Q3: Is HP PageWide Pro MFP 477DW laser or inkjet?

The HP PageWide Pro 477dw Multifunction Printer is fast for an inkjet all-in-one and it has reasonable running costs, and it prints near-typesetter-quality text and terrific-looking graphics.

Q4: How can I download the latest HP PageWide Pro MFP 477DW driver on Mac?

You can download HP Easy Start which is the new way to set up your HP printer and prepare your Mac for printing. HP Easy Start will locate and install the latest software for your printer and then guide you through printer setup.

Q5: Can I download the latest HP PageWide Pro MFP 477DW driver on Windows 7?

Yes, you can download the latest HP PageWide Pro MFP 477DW driver on Windows 7/8/10/11.

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