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What does ICYMI Mean (2023 Update)

On some social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, FetLife, etc. people can see various internet acronyms or abbreviations that are new. For instance, in a post on Twitter, you see an internet slang icymi. But you have no idea what it means and how to use it in your post.

what does icymi mean

What does ICYMI Mean?

Icymi, an online abbreviation, is short for “in case you missed it”. And in most cases, ICYMI is used on social media by netizens to remind some people of a new thing or new that has just happened.

In this way, icymi news or icymi show implies that the news or TV show has just released, and in case some users don’t know about the news or TV show, some people choose to post with ICYMI as a reminder.

How to Use ICYMI?

Since it is an internet slang, ICYMI is mostly used on social media. And when you would like to remind some people that you have just missed a wonderful TV show or news, you can simply express your opinion with the abbreviation ICYMI.

For instance, you may post online that “ICYMI, here is the link to watch the latest KellyClarksonShow”.

Or sometimes, not limited to social media platforms, it is also available for you to use icymi in your emails or text. However, please always bear in mind that you need to make sure the other people know the definition of ICYMI on the internet.


Some people also asked the meaning of isk on social media. Simply put, ISK stands for immense sadness that cannot be described with words. Like ICYMI, you are able to use ISK as an internet acronym for convenience.

All in all, this post shows you the definition and meaning of icymi on social media. And if you hope to know how to use it on your own, it is also available here. For more internet slangs, just search on this site.

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