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What Does IKR Mean in Text and Internet Slangs

First Glance:

IKR in text or internet slang means “I know, right” to express your agreement towards others’ opinions, behaviors, etc. (The meanings of IKR may differ in different cases, so you can move on to get the full meaning of this internet acronym.)

what does ikr mean

You may suddenly come across IKR in text messages or as an internet slang on social media. But what does IKR stand for? That is something beyond your mind.

Therefore, this post comes out to let you know more details about IKR in texting and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

What is the Meaning of IKR?

Commonly, the full name of IKR is “I know, right”. And the tone in which you use this internet abbreviation seems to be different depending on the context.

But generally speaking, this IKR slang can be adopted to show that you agree with someone on his ideas or something else.

While it can also imply your sarcastic tone to reply to others when they send you an IKR in that you may not completely agree with them.

Of course, the most widely used tone is the former one to show your agreement. And this IKR reply is more often used in informal conditions rather than the formal ones.


You need to know that as an internet slang or text message expression, IKR can be used for convenience, so it is not suggestible to apply it in spoken language.

IKR with other meanings (in Education)

1. The definition of IKR in education can be “little kids room”, which is from church for the room for pre-k students.

2. Or IKR can also mean “Last Kid Remaining”. For instance, when the teacher is preparing to close to classroom, but there is only one kid remaining as his parents fail to pick him up in time.

Examples of IKR:

Example 1:

Texter 1: The guy is so annoying.

Texter 2: IKR.

In this example, texter 2 agrees with the idea of texter 1 by using ikr. And to some extent, it can also convey that texter 2 is happy that someone else shares the same feeling as him.

Example 2:

User 1: You should study hard to gain access to a good university.

User 2: IKR!

Here, from the angry expression of user 2, it can be seen that there is a sense of sarcasm to reply user 1. Perhaps what user 1 delivers is stereotyped, causing negative feelings of user 2.

How is IKR Different from “Yes, I know” or “Yup”?

IKR conveys a strong agreement or agreement on something that is considered as common sense without any further explanations.

As you can see, when someone expressed his viewpoint, “I know” and “right” are actually combined to emphasize the agreement, which is similar to “can’t agree more”. And “Yes, you are right” or “yup” couldn’t convey such a strong feeling.

All in all, if you are new to such internet slangs like IKR, TBH, etc. Just refer to this site to know what the meaning of them and how to use them.

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