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What does IMGTFY Mean and How to Use it (2023 Update)

IMGTFY – First Glance:

An internet abbreviation, standing for “let me google that for you”.

what does imgtfy mean

Further Explorations:

What the hell is the meaning of imgtfy Why people use it in texting or on social media?

It is common to see internet slang on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, letlive, etc.  For instance, you suddenly observe the presence of an acronym imgtfy in somebody’s post.

Or sometimes, you even see imgtfy stickers online. And it is so surprising that imgtfy Wikipedia fails to show you the answers. Hence, there is much need for you to learn more about the internet abbreviation imgtfy.

What Does IMGTFY Mean?

In short, imgtfy refers to “let me google that for you”.

Therefore, this internet slang can be used when some people keep asking a question or questions that could have been found quickly and easily by themselves.

In other words, users can google something on their own but they tend to ask other people for help.

To some extent, imgtfy conveys a sense of contempt as this question is usually easy to be answered but some people insist on turning to someone else rather than google something by themselves.

Examples of IMGTFY:

Example 1:

Texter 1: I have no idea about the answer to that math problem.

Texter 2: imgtfy.

Simply, in terms of the problem of texter 1, texter 2 replied with a simple IMGTFY to ask him or her to search for the answer on Google.

From this perspective, to some degree, it is possible that this internet acronym imgtfy delivers the contempt as the answer can be obtained by the question raiser himself or herself.

Example 2:

Poster 1: I have been asked some harsh problems in today’s interview. So bad!

Poster 2: Perhaps you can directly reply with “imgtfy”.

In fact, this conversation on social media reflects the humor of poster 2. When you are facing problems or questions that are difficult to be solved, an “IMGTFY” denotes an indirect refusal. But normally, it is not recommended to use it in formal circumstances.

How is IMGTFY Used?

To use imgtfy properly, two conditions must be satisfied. The one lies that someone has a question and he or she is used to asking others for answers. The other one is that this question can actually be answered or solved easily by googling it online.

In case of misunderstanding, you need to know that there are also and IMGTFY stores. So, don’t get confused with the acronym imgtfy.


Now that imgtfy expresses a feeling of scorn, so you are supposed to use this internet acronym properly. For instance, it is wise to use this slang based on the close or familiar relationship between the sender and receiver.

All in all, with this post, you can know the meaning of imgtfy and how you can use it properly. Just remind that this internet abbreviation should not be used randomly, otherwise it may result in misunderstandings.

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