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What Does LMK Mean (2023 Update)

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LMK refers to “let me know”, and it is an internet abbreviation mainly used in informal text communications.

what does lmk mean

Have you ever viewed a slang “lmk” on Snapchat or texting? What is the definition of LMK? If you have any doubt about lmk, the acronym, “why it is used and how it is used”, resort to this article.

What is the Meaning of LMK?

In short, “LMK” stands for “let me know”, and it is mainly applied to cases when you ask someone to tell you something in special situations.

And especially, when you think that someone would inform you of something in the near future, you may say “let me know” when the other one has an answer about something.

Or sometimes, if you want to know about somebody’s opinion about something, you might also use the abbreviation “LMK” to show that you are willing to listen to others’ viewpoints.

Example of LMK

User 1: If you want to come back, LMK.

User 2: OK, I will.

In this example, User 1 uses LMK to convey the meaning of “let me know”. And User 2 replies that “I will let you know”.

Note: What Does LYK Mean?

LYK is also an acronym with opposite meaning of that of LMK. To be specific, the full form of LYK is “let you know”, which means that you would provide information or your opinion about something for the other one.

In short, you can learn about the meaning of “LMK” as well as its uses and opposite slang from this article. For more details about more slangs or abbreviations, just search on this website.

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