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What is the Meaning of LTR (2023 Update)

First Glance:

LTR means “later” in daily conversations on Facebook, Snapchat, etc. and in texting.

what does ltr mean

Why people send me a “ltr”?  What is the full name of “ltr”? You may have various doubts about this internet acronym or abbreviation.

In this way, this post aims to show the full meaning of “ltr” in case you see this internet slang “ltr” in different situations like an online medical forum.

What Does LTR Mean?

In common conversations on social media or texting, as an internet word, “LTR” refers to “later”.

Example of LTR:

User 1: Have something to do. Talk to you ltr!

User 2: OK!

That is how “ltr” meaning “later” is used. In this example, LTR is adopted by User 1 to show that he has to do something that is more urgent and has to leave the current talk behind now.

What are the Other Meanings of LTR?

In specific fields or conditions, the definition of the acronym “ltr” differs.

LTR meaning in business:

LTR stands for letter or long term relationship in business. So you need to determine what the other side would like to convey in business when he or she sends you a text message of “lrt” in business activities.

LTR meaning in medical:

As a medical abbreviation, LTR biology refers to long terminal repeat sequences, one of the categories of sequence. And such LTRs are often used by viruses to insert their genetic material into the host genomes.

LTR meaning in printing:

LTR in printer means a size of the printing. To be specific, people can choose to set the paper size to < A4> or <LTR> to print a report or list. And here LTR paper is short for “Letter” paper and has a dimension of 8.5 x 11 inches.

LTR meaning sexually:

In this case, it also means long-term relationship, but it is different from the sense of lTR in business.

All in all, you can learn about full name of LTR in various circumstances like in medical, business, and printer from this tutorial. Of course, don’t forget that ltr stands for “later” in text messages or online in daily conversations.

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