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What Does OTP Mean (2023 Update)

OTP Mean – First Glance

 As an internet abbreviation, “OTP” has many meanings. And the most common definition of “otp” can be “on the phone” and “one true pairing/pair”.

what does otp mean

In different contexts on social media platforms or text messages, the acronym “otp” means differently. Therefore, what on earth is the full nam of “otp”? How can I use it as others? You may be wondering about these questions.

What Is the Meaning of “OTP”?

Nowadays, more often than not, “OTP” stands for “on the phone”, which implies that someone is calling or answering a phone.

And normally, people won’t use it in formal conversations. Only in informal cases would “otp” as a slang meaning “on the phone” be used, for instance, OTP on Snapchat.

What are the Other Meanings of “OTP”?

In some situations, “OTP” also means “one true pairing/pair”, which is often used in fictions, movies, TV dramas, and so on. And when fans consider a couple depicted in the fiction or movies or anything else is well-matched or paired, they would feel that way in real life, and share their feelings with other fans as well.

In specific areas, OTP is defined differently, too.

OTP meaning medical:

In medical, the full form of OTP is “Opioid Treatment Program”, which is a program or practitioner engaged in opioid treatment of individuals with an opioid agonist medication.

OTP meaning gaming

In games, the abbreviation “otp” stands for “One Trick Pony”, a gamer who only plays a character  to reach the highest level in a game.

Examples of OTP:

Example 1:

User 1: What were you doing when your dad went out?

User 2: OTP with one of my friends.

In this example, when his or her dad was going out, User 2 was on the phone with one friend.

Example 2:

Texter 1: Do you think the two singers Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift “OTP”?

Texter 2: Yes, they are like a couple in my mind.

In Example 2, Texter 1 and 2 are convinced that the two singers Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift are a perfect couple.

In a word, this article presents meanings of OTP, an abbreviation widely used on social media. Besides, you can also learn how to use it in your online conversations with others.

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