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What is the Meaning of OWO (2023 Update)

OWO Mean – First Glance:

OWO isn’t an internet acronmy, nor it is a slang. Instead, owo is an anime that is popular on social media to convey the feeling of surprise or excitement of people.

what does owo mean

Do you often see owo on the internet or texting messages? Are you puzzled what the full name of owo is when people send a message to you with a owo in it? Do you see posts on social media sites like Twitter with owo?

If you are encountering any problems with the owo, just get ahead to dive into owo misunderstood as an abberviation by many users.

What Does OWO Mean?

Anyway, owo is not an acronmy as many people understand. Actually, owo is a cute anime or image. And to be specific, in “owo”, the two “O”s represent eyes on our faces and “w” represents the “nose”.

Hence, owo is often used when people are surprised or excited about something they see, hear, or listen. Therefore, users should not be misled by the meaning that owo bears at surface.

Examples of OWO:

Example 1:

User 1: That book is so interesting!

User2: OWO!

In this example, when User 1 tells User 2 that the book he or she is reading is funny, User 2 is surprised and amazed as he does not think the book is interesting at all.

So user 2 adopts owo and an “owo” anime to express his feelings, which express his emotions or feelings vividly.

But to some extent, it is also possible that User 2 wishes to convey his or her excitement when being told that that book is interesting and he may also cannot wait to read that interesting book.

Example 2:

Texter 1: Do you know that actor is 40 years old?

Texter 2: OWO! Really?

In example 2, this conversation takes place in texting, so it is likely that some texters have not added the owo anime or images in their lexicon on the keyboard.

That is why Texter 2 uses “owo” the so-called “abbreviation” to deliver his surpirse as he does not believe that that actor should be 40 years old now.

What is the origin of OWO?

It is unknown when social media users or texters started to use owo anime and this expression to show their amazement or excitement.

But generally speaking, owo was first used by Janpanese as a common facial expression and spread worldwide with the popularity of internet and social media.

Like owo, there are other facial expressions widely used online and text messages.

Uwu meaning

Uwu is an emoticon depicting a cute face. It is used to express various warm, happy, or affectionate feelings. 

uwu meaning

In a word, you can get the definition of owo, an anime widely used online and in texting. After that, you are able to use it to show your surprise or excitement to convey a special feeling that cannot be realized simply by words.

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