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What Does PFA Mean (2023 Update)

PFA Mean – First Glance:

PFA is an internet abbreviation, meaning “Protection From Abuse”, which in most cases refers to domestic abuse.

what does pfa mean

Do you often see pfa on platforms like Facebook? Are you wondering what pfa stands for in texting or social media?

If you have any questions about this internet acronym pfa, just go on finishing this post. With the help of it, you will come to know the definition and uses of pfa in different cases.

What is the Meaning of PFA?

In general, the internet word “pfa” means “protection from abuse”. To be specific, in this definition, “protection from abuse” refers to a victim who suffers from domestic violence or abuse from household members or intimate partner that causes physical injury or the threat of physical injury.  Therefore, PFA is mostly used in family law.

Example of PFA:

User 1: What case did you deal with last week?

User 2: A PFA case.

In this example, User 2 has dealt with a Protection from Abuse case, a civil procedure that safeguard the right of a victim who has suffered family abuse.

What are the other meanings of PFA?

Apart from the general meaning of PFA in law, the abbreviation PFA has different meanings in specific fields like medical and football.

PFA meaning medical:

PFA in medical refers to “Platelet Function Assay” or “Plain (X-ray) Film of Abdomen”. So you need to determine the meaning of it with the context taken into consideration.

When PFA stands for “Platelet Function Assay”, there is a concept named PFA test to a new laboratory screening test of platelet function that measures both platelet adhesion and aggregation (primary hemostasis).

PFA meaning football:

In football, the full form of PFA is “Professional Footballers’ Association”, which is often used as a term “The Professional Footballers’ Association Men’s Players’ Player of the Year, an annual award given to the player who is adjudged to have been the best of the year in English football.

PFA meaning psychology:

PFA in psychology is short for “psychological first aid”, which is applied to reduce stress symptoms and assist in a healthy recovery following a traumatic event, natural disaster, public health emergency, or even a personal crisis.

PFA chemical abbreviation:

In chemical, PFA abbreviation means “Perfluoroalkoxy Polymer”, a Chemical Compound.

In short, from this post, you can get the full meaning of PFA, the internet acronym. Especially, in fields like medical, football, and psychology, different definitions of PFA is also specified. You can use it in different situations if needed.

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