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What Does SMDH Mean (2023 Update)

SMDH Mean – First Glance:

As an internet abbreviation, smdh stands for “shaking my damn head”, showing that one person considers the other one of something is completely unacceptable or even disgusting.

what does smdh mean

Do you want to know the full name of smdh? When is this internet acronym “smdh” frequently used? Does this abbreviation convey good or bad sense?

These are all the questions haunting your mind once you see the internet slang smdh on social media or in texting message. If you have any doubts about it, just move on.

What is the Meaning of SMDH?

In most cases, no matter you see this acronym online or in messages, smdh means “sharing your damn head”. And people often use it to express that something is unpleasing and cannot be accepted.

Example of SMDH:

User 1: That unethical store will be re-opened soon.

User 2: SMDH.

In this conversation on social media or messages, when being informed that the unethical store will be opened again, User 2 showed his or her hate by using SMDH to imitating the move to share head violently.

1. SMH meaning

Moreover, sometimes, smh is also widely used when users hope to convey their reluctance to accept something or dislike or even hate towards something. And smh refers to “sharing my head”.

2. SMDH 3ds

SMDH file is a Nintendo 3DS Homebrew Application Data.

In short, it is easy to get the meaning and uses of smdh on social media or texting. But do remember that internet slangs are usually adopted between close friends, families, or relatives and online communities with young netizens. So do not cause misunderstandings by misusing this internet acronym or abbreviation.

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