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What Does SMH Mean and How to Use It

SMH Mean – First Glance:

An internet or texting or email slang, meaning “shake\shaking my head”.

what does smh mean

On Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and many other social media websites, you will see a text message with an smh in it. Quite puzzled about it?

Yes, for some of you, especially those who are not frequenters to post on social networking sites and those older adults, you just don’t know what smh stands for, how to use it, and where to use it.

What does SMH Mean?

SMH is an internet acronym that is short for shake\shaking my head. Therefore, like what the action – “shaking my head” conveys to people, SMH refers to a kind of feeling in the same sense of “shaking head”.

When do you want to shake your head about something? Probably when you disagree with something or you are disappointed about some events, situations, etc. That is what smh means on social media.

Why do you Use SMH?

On the one hand, when users would like to express their feelings like disagreement, disappointment, or dislike, they tend to use smh along with a comment.

And most often than not, internet acronyms like smh and tbh are supposed to appear online by younger users.

On the other hand, if you want to convey your feelings such as disagreement on social media like Twitter, smh is easier and faster for users compared with “shaking my head” or other expressions showing the disagreement of some people.

Additionally, smh can deliver the expressive emotions of users more vividly compared with “shaking my head”. That is to say, it has almost become a trend online to use internet acronyms to express feelings, which cannot be replaced by words that we often use offline.

How do you Use SMH?

There is no specific rule telling you how and where you can use SMH on social media. In other words, since it is well-known on social media for young people, it is understandable whether you use smh or SMH in a comment or alone.

For instance, when one of your close friends wants to borrow your notes for the class, but you need it to prepare for the final exam, so you replied that perhaps I could not lead it out; your friend may reply a single ‘smh” or I should have taken notes myself, smh!. In this way, a sense of disappointment has been expressed in her text message.

Or if you disagree with an event or situation or somebody’s viewpoint, SMH can also be adopted to convey your disagreement. Beyond that, if you consider some behaviors or some people are stupid, an smh or smh with a comment is enough to imply your feeling.


You need to know that not everyone understands the meaning of smh, so you would better use this acronym on social media based on the fact that everyone knows what SMH stands for online. And it is not suggestible to use SMH when you are chatting or discussing with older people online and offline.

All in all, you will have mastered the meaning of SMH and how to use it properly on social media like Twitter, Instagram, etc. Of course, more internet acronyms are awaiting your exploration on this website.

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