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What Does STG Mean (2023 Update)

STG Mean – First Glance:

STG means “swear to god”, “Shoot ‘Em Up,” “SubTheGamer” and “Sterling (Currency) in different cases.

What on earth is the meaning of “stg”?  It is so frequently to see this internet slang “stg” on social media or texting.

Therefore, if you don’t know the full name of “stg” in different conditions, you may as well go on for more details about this internet acronym or abbreviation stg.

What Does STG Mean?

Normally, depending on the context, STG can stands for “swear to god”, which is to show somebody that you are telling the truth or honest to him or her. Specifically, different definitions of STG have different characteristics.

1. STG meaning “swear to god”

When STG means “swear to god”, it is similar to ISTG, referring to “I swear to god”. And in most cases, the internet word “stg” can be replaced by “istg”.

2. STG full name as “Shoot ‘Em Up”

In video games like Asteroids, stg stands for “Shoot ‘Em Up”, which is a subcategory in the action games.

3. The definition of STG as “SubTheGamer”

“SubTheGamer” is also a YouTube channel that is designed for NBA.

What are the other meanings of “STG”?

As mentioned, in specific fields like the medical, the definition of STG changes.

1. STG meaning medical

In medical, “stg” stands for Superior Temporal Gyrus.

2. STG definition in finance

STG in financial sector means “Sterling”, which is a term for the British pound. Therefore, “stg currency” implies to “Sterling” currency.

Examples of STG as an internet acronym:

Example 1:

Social media user 1: Have you finished your homework?

User 2: Done! STG!

In this example, user 2 swears to god that he or she has accomplished the homework.

Example 2:

Texter 1: Did you watched the game yesterday?

Texter 2: Yes, on STG.

In example 2, texter 2 replied with a “stg”, denoting that he or she has enjoyed the basketball game on the YouTube channel “SubTheGamer”.

In short, with this post, you can understand different meanings of “stg” and learn how to use it in different circumstances. Besides, related internet slangs like “istg” is also explained when “istg” is used in texting or social media with its meaning of “I swear to god”.

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