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What Does TBD Mean and How to Use it

TBD at first glance:

An internet acronym, the full form of TBD being to be determined or decided or declared.

what does tbd mean

Further Exploration:

If you want to know what tbd means in football, medical, real estate, business, and any social media platforms, move on for details. And how you can use this internet slang or abbreviation is also mentioned.

What is the Meaning of TBD?

TBD meaning in general:

Whatever field you are in, tdb in cricket, football, business, medical, etc. shares the same full name, which is to be decided or determined or declared. Hence, this internet acronym denotes a feeling of hesitation and uncertainty.

TBD meaning in banking:

TBD (To Be Determined) approvals for buyers

This TBD approval is designed for buyers obtaining financing who get their loan file underwritten to the furthest extent possible without having yet identified a property.

Examples of TBD:

Example 1:

User 1: Which team are you in?

User 2: TBD. We need to wait for a moment.

In this conversation, what tbd means in football has been shown. User 1 would like to which team user 2 has matched, and user 2 replied “TBD”, meaning “to be determined or decided” to express that he is uncertain.

Example 2:

Texter 1: How long will the operation last?

Texter 2: I don’t know. TBD.

Similarly, tbd in medical conveys a sense of uncertainty as well. Texter 2 doesn’t know when the operation will end.

How to Use TBD?

Usually, tbd as an internet abbreviation can be used in diversified fields like business, football, medical, cricket, etc. So long as the post or message receiver is unsure about something, it is available for you to express your uncertainty with the internet slang tbd.

For instance, in business, when you haven’t made decisions about something, you can reply with a message like “tbd, the plan hasn’t been made yet”. Or when you are being interviewed for a job, you may be told that” salary tbd”. That means how much of your salary for the work hasn’t been determined yet.

Or in football, when you ask your friend which football team won, your friend may reply to you that “tbd”. It shows that this football match isn’t over, and the winner is not confirmed or determine. This football match is to be continued.

All in all, tbd has a general meaning that something isn’t decided yet. On the same note, it also means that something is not confirmed and needs to be continued.

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