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What does CM mean in texting?

CM-first glance

CM simply consists of two letters. Additionally, it is quite common to encounter this slang term in texting and online chatting. So its meaning is guessable to you. CM stands for “Call me”.

what does cm mean

What does CM mean?

The most common definition of CM is “Call me”, as per Urban Dictionary. It serves as a quick way to ask someone to call you instead of texting or chatting online. Like an old-fashioned way of leaving others a voice mail, the receiver will call you after they get the message.

Origin of CM

There is no exact information about the origin of CM. The first use of this simple phrase might be traced back to the time when the telephone became a regular household appliance. It might be used first in the late 90s and early 2000s.

With the popularity of text messaging and online conversation, lots of phrases were reduced to abbreviations. They provide more convenience for users to communicate. CM is one of the typical examples.

How to use CM?

You might send CM to others for various reasons. The most common context in which CM can be used is when there is something urgent. A voice call will definitely save time compared to text. 

Another context in which CM can be used is when you have something private or classified to share with the other person. Making a phone call will allow you to ensure the person is trustworthy.

Furthermore, sending CM to someone can be a polite way to make it easier for the other person to free up time. It will also relieve his or her anxiety about receiving an unexpected phone call.

In some cases, you want to get in touch with someone you haven’t been texting for a long time. Sending CM can be an ice-breaking way.

Other meanings of CM

There are several other meanings of CM. You should also learn about them and don’t get confused.

Centimeter: It is a common unit of measurement. It is more often written in “cm”. One cm is equivalent to 0.01 meter.

Contribution Margin: In business, CM stands for a measurement of the profitability of a product.

Chat monitor: This term refers to a person who hosts and manages some kind of online chat room. Nowadays, it is rare to come across this phrase since chat rooms are no longer popular.

Cunny man: “CM” or “Cunny man” is a slang term in the Bahamas. It is a compliment for a man who can get with lots of women easily.

Examples of CM in use

Example 1

“I have something to tell you. CM.”

In this instance, CM is typically used to ask someone to make a phone call.

Example 2

Person A: “I can’t stand typing, CM.”

Person B: “Okay.”

In this conversation, CM is a quick way to ask for a call.

Example 3

Person A: “Do you know Steve?”

Person B: “Yeah, he is a CM.”

Person A: “I think so. He is so handsome.”

In this conversation, CM refers to “cunny man”.

Alternatives of CM

There are several substitutions that you can use to convey the same meaning. Some of the alternatives are as follows: CMB (“Call me back”), CTC (“Call the cell”), HMU (“Hit me up”), “Phone me”, and “Ring me”.

In conclusion, CM is a popular slang phrase that is used for a long time. You can simply use this term to tell others that they should call you.

The biggest advantage of making a phone call is that it provides more direct communication than texting. The acronym CM also has a couple of other meanings. Hence, you need to analyze its context to grasp its proper meaning

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