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What Does NGL Mean? How Do You Use it?

NGL – First Glance:

An internet slang, meaning “Not going to lie” or “Not gonna lie”.

what does ngl mean

What does NGL stand for? How can I use it? Many people are confused about this acronym online. But you may often see NGL slang in a text conversation or social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Therefore, you need to know more about the meaning of NGL and how you can use it in chat on Instagram or Snapchat, etc.

What Does NGL Mean?

NGL stands for “Not going to lie” or “Not gonna lie”. So it is an internet acronym used online for convenience.

And “not going to lie” or “not gonna lie” are just two different format, which share the same meaning for NGL.

And NGL in slang is often used to convince others that the speaker or texter is telling the truth and isn’t lying.


Normally, some social media users tend to combine NGL with TBH, which means “To be honest”. Thus, NGLTBH is formed to stand for “not gonna lie, to be honest” to stress that someone is telling the truth.

At the same time, NGL meaning “Not going to lie” can be the most common meaning of this network acronym.

For some users, you may wish to know the definition of NGL in other specific areas like construction or gas, you can move on.

NGL meaning in construction

While NGL in architecture or construction means “natural ground level”, which implies the lowest point of measurement for building height.

NGL meaning in oil and gas

In oil and gas, NGL is the abbreviation for “Natural Gas Liquids, referring to the non-methane hydrocarbon gas such as Ethane, Propane, Benzene, Butane or Pentane which stand at liquid state within the reservoir at underground pressure.

NGL in Hunter X Hunter (a manga series)

NGL in hxh means “Neo-Green Life”.

Examples of NGL:

User 1: NGL, he will win the game.

User 2: TBH, I’m not sure about that.

In this example, user 1 has used the abbreviation ‘NGL” to show his assertiveness, while user 2 has also responded with an internet acronym “tbh”, denoting his or her doubts.

In this way, you will understand what the slang “NGL” means in texting or on such social media websites like Facebook and Snapchat.

And it is worth noting that even if this internet acronym NGL was added in Urban Dictionary in 2005 without detailed introduction, it has become more popular among texters and online users. Therefore, if needed, you can also use “NGL” in your daily life.

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