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What Does WYDM Mean (2023 Update)

WYDM – First Glance:

As an internet abbreviation, WYDM stands for “What You Doing Man?,” “What You Doing Mate?” and “What You Do Matters.

what does wydm mean

You may get perplexed about the meanings of some slangs or acronyms on social media. Or when you are just new to a special online community full of youngsters, you may often see some internet jargons.

For you, it is too difficult to understand the definitions of these slangs. In particular, as per your reports, this article would detail the full name of “wydm” and how to use it.

What is the Meaning of WYDM?

There are multiple full names of “wydm”, an abbreviation, so you need to determine the meaning of WYDM with the specific context into account.

WYDM is short for “What You Doing Man?” (mostly used in the US) or “What You Doing Mate?” (mostly used in the UK, Australia and New Zealand).

And in this case, WYDM means “what are you doing”. Especially, when “wydm” is defined as “What You Doing Man?” or “What You Doing Mate?”, it is often used in text messages.

The full name of “wydm” is “What You Do Matters.” In this way, WYDM is used to convey that someone is doing something important. And when WYDM meaning “what you do matters”, it is usually applied online on social media websites such as Instagram.

WYDM standing for “What You Do Matters”. It is a non-profit company in London, England, which aims to boost the self-confidence of women to work and cultivate their interpersonal skills.

Examples of WYDM:

Example 1:

Texter 1: WYDM.

Texter 2: I’m watching a video.

In this example, “wydm” is the abbreviation of “What You Doing Man?” (in the US) or “What You Doing Mate?” (in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand). Therefore, Texter 2 replied that he or she is watching a video.

Example 2:

User 1: Do not be upset! WYDM.

User 2: Thanks! I will do my best.

In this example, User 1 used “wydm” to deliver the meaning that “what you do matters”, thus encouraging User 2 to keep on going and not to be upset

Example 3:

User 1: Have you heared of the non-profit company WYDM?

User 2: Yes, of course. It is socially responsible to help women earn their positions in the workplace.

In short, you can learn the meaning, uses, and examples of “wydm”. And it is available for you to know definitions and uses of other slangs or abbreviations.

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