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What Does YW Mean and How to Use it

YW at first glance:

You’re welcome.

what does yw mean

Further explorations:

Perhaps you have a general understanding of YW, this internet slang or abbreviation. But, do you know how to use yw by yourself on social media or in a text message?

Therefore, it is worthwhile to learn more about this internet acronym so that you won’t be confused if yw appears on Snapchat or in text slang.

What is the Meaning of YW?

YW in texting means “You’re welcome”. And in some social networking sites like Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, etc. yw is also referred as “you’re welcome”.

For this part, it is safe to say that yw replies the generous attitude one holds towards helping others.

However, in other cases, yw may have other definitions. For instance, yw may be short for “yeah, whatever”, which reflects the randomness of some people.


Here “yh” and “jw” as internet abbreviations are also confusing for some people when they try to figure out the definition or meaning of yw. Yh means “yeah” to show your happiness and “jw” is short for “just wondering”, implying that you just want to know something without further purposes.

Moreover, it can also represent “you whitey”. Here it is worth noting that “a whitey” refers to the feeling of faintness and sickness caused by cannabis; you may feel cold or even vomit.

Anyway, “you whitey” refers to the condition of tiredness, hunger, happiness when smoking too much.

How to use YW?

Although yw has different meanings in different cases, it is more widely used on Snapchat or in texting.

In this way, yw meaning “You’re welcome” is what most users want to convey. Considering this fact, yw is often used in conversations on social media or in texting.

For instance, after someone extended his or her thanks to you because of your help, you can reply to him or her with a single “yw” to display that you think that isn’t a big deal.

In a word, in this post, you can not only master the meaning of YW but also the use of this online slang. Besides, related internet acronyms such as “jw” and “yh” are also mentioned.

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