10 Things About Parental Control Apps You May Not Have Known

A new generation of techie children are being raised by parents nowadays. Toddlers use tablets and text to connect. Also, most schools have computers and tablets built into their curriculum. 

Parents allow a mobile phone for their kids and teens because it is a great way to keep in contact with them. It also offers parents a sense of where their kids are and what they may be up to. 

Why Does One Need To Monitor Kids?

Parents are facing a challenge: balancing the pros and cons of granting digital freedom to their kids and determining the limits of that freedom. Many parents recognise that their ability to learn and grow may be impaired by restricting children’s access to the internet. 

But this also implies exposing kids to threats and material online that may go beyond their ability to handle. That is why it will enable parents and their children to navigate the digital world around them by installing robust protection software with parental controls on all devices.

Spyine: The one in all parental control app

This app is nothing short of a magic wand that makes it easy to track all the mobile phone activities of your kid 24/7. What’s more, it operates absolutely discreetly and there would be no awareness of your target that he is being tracked. 

Whether you are looking for some ways to track location or some fast solutions on how to find someone’s location by cell phone number, Spyine is the best solution.


The fact that millions of people worldwide use it is a hallmark of its trustworthy existence and success. In the world of phone surveillance software, Spyine is a major name and continues to be featured by renowned media publications. 

It has also garnered high praise from experts in the industry. The reason Spyine is so common is because all user specifications have been sincerely considered by the app developers. Many useful features and functionalities have been integrated into the programme. This also gives it an upper hand in the market over several other spy apps. To know more about Spyine, click here.

Here are some features of parental control apps including Spyine that you must know;

10 facts you need to know about parental control apps

1. Block websites

Your best choice is to allow Google SafeSearch in whatever browser or browser you use, if you just want to restrict what your kids will search for. Second, you need to make sure Google is used by your browsers as their default search engine.

As soon as your kids start going online, this is a smart step to take and you want to make sure they don’t come across anything yucky accidentally. 

2. Disable websites and content filtering

If you wish to block access to particular websites and restrict the exposure of your child to inappropriate content, such as mature games or porn, you can use the parental controls built into the operating system of your computer.
Any major operating system — Windows from Microsoft, Mac OS from Apple, and even Fire from Amazon — offers settings to prevent children from viewing information that you don’t want them to see. You need to use the most updated version of the operating system to get the benefits, and every user must log in under his or her profile.

3. See what your children are doing online

These apps will give you a lot of control over all of your kid’s gadgets (the ones they use at home as well as their phones), a full-featured, third-party parental control service such as spyine.

spyine monitor children

This can be costly (especially if you have many children to monitor), but the cost involves continuous monitoring of the system , providing you with insight into how children use their devices.

4. Control Phone’s Display

Your best choice is to download an app that tracks text messages, social networks, emails, and other smartphone features to keep tabs on your teen or teen’s phone. These are particularly helpful if you are worried about potentially dangerous discussions or iffy subjects in which your child might be involved.

For example, a parental control app notifies you when it detects “alert” words, such as “drugs.” You’ll need your kid’s account information, including passwords, to monitor social media.

5. Track the location of your kid

To keep abreast of your child’s whereabouts, you can use GPS trackers. For this to work, though, your kid’s phone needs to be on. 

spyine track children gps

6. Manage all of the network equipment

You can restrict screen time, filter content, switch Wi-Fi off. For monitoring of your home network and your home Wi-Fi, there are both hardware and software solutions. 

7. Stealth-mode technology

 By hiding the app icon, you can quickly erase all traces of this app from the target phone. So, in the background, apps will keep going, while the target will have no idea whatsoever. 

8. No iPhone jailbreaking

The internet is packed with methods for iPhone location tracking that first require you to gaolbreak the device. Now we can tell from our experience that for beginners this is a herculean task.

9.Parental controls can block some game features

Most gaming consoles have internet connectivity that allows your children to browse the internet, make in-app purchases, and connect with other players. While these features might make games more interesting, you do not want your child to use account-related credit cards or speak to strangers. 

10. Customizable parental controls 

For the entire family, blocking video, monitoring locations and setting screen time limits can be fun. But this degree of control is not required for every family member, or at least not all of the time. 

Many parental control features allow you to set up various profiles so that each member of the family can access content online that is suitable for them. Parental controls let you set up user profiles where only those features can be accessed by your children or allow you to track what they do when using the game.

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