MineCraft Optifine: What it is & is it safe?

For Minecraft gamers, you may be wondering what Optifine does on your PC or you are prompted that file is recognized as malicious by Google. As some users reported, “every time I tried to download Optifine on Google Chrome, it says that this type may harm your computer”, therefore, Optifine download failed. In the following parts, a detailed and clear introduction to Optifine will be presented. In this way, you can also have an idea of whether you should download Optifine. Overview: What is Optifine? Is Optifine Safe?Should I...

Fixed: Minecraft Won’t Load on Windows 10, 8, 7

All of a sudden, your Minecraft won’t load past Mojang screen even if you pressed the Play button. Or some gamers noticed that Minecraft won’t open after Windows 10 Update. And it may also prompt you an error message, for instance, Game Crash, an expected issue occurred and the game has crashed. As a user reported, “Minecraft won't load past the "Mojang" screen. My game won’t load, after I press play it doesn’t load past the screen where it says Mojang started when I installed mods, so I removed them...

MHW Err12 Fatal Error: Graphics Device Crashed

Monster Hunter World has been an absolute success among action role-playing games. However, it emerges some error codes at times. One pesky code that is bothering players in their online sessions is ERR 12: graphic device crashes. If you encounter the ERR12 graphics device crashed error or MHW keeps crashing on multiple occasions, the screen will freeze, and the more you try to load it, the worse it may get, you will be forced to quit MHW then. While tabbed out of the game, the game runs crystal smooth. Tabbing...
Gamewindows settings

How to Make Undertale Full Screen for Windows and Mac

Playing Undertale is fairly cheerful as you focus to hunt down and defeat every single monster in the underground, also, it has excellent background music and a clever sense of humor. But on some computer systems, Undertale gamers do not seem to start it in a full-screen mode, and the game interface only takes up a small square window on the screen, then you may find it unpleasant since it is not an ideal way to enjoy the Undertale. Luckily, there are several ways you can choose to make it...

How to Fix Video Driver Crashed and Was Reset in Fortnite

Fortnite is a graphically optimized game, which makes it smooth like butter. You can play this game with a low specification computer without any lag or glitch, so, this attracts a lot of fans for the game. But some players reported that whenever they try to accept a friend request on Fortnite, they get a message ““video driver crashed and was reset”. The issue of Fortnite crashing can be very annoying, while you are not the only gamer having this problem. Fortunately, there are some helpful solutions. Solutions: 1: Turn...

How to Fix Modern Warfare Unable to Access Online Services

Many people are huge fans of Modern Warfare (MW) where provides good campaigns and great multiplayer. It is so much fun and there are so many cool weapons like dogs to electric snipers. However, just like other online games, it may occur some network issues such as Modern Warfare connection failed. Some players even doubt: Are Modern Warfare servers down? Don’t worry too much, when Activision releases some updates that may include a new setup of server for their games, thus, some users might not be able to access the...

How Do I Set My Gaming Headset for PC

Gaming is one of the most popular hobbies and activity these days as it is very addictive and fun. It is the best way to spend time and have fun playing your favorite games. Especially these days when everyone is stuck in their homes, gaming can help you spend your time at home and also interact with your friends by playing online games. Why do we need a gaming headset? We all know what gaming requires, either it’s a phone, a console, or a PC, gaming is available on various...
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