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How to Uninstall Java on Windows 10, 8, 7

Undeniably, Java is not frequently used by users nowadays. And it is also said that older versions of Java on PC would pose various threats to the system. Or for some people, you may need Java for a moment, for instance, Java application is required to install the NVIDIA graphics card drivers. But after that, you just want to remove Java from Windows 10. As per user reports, many of you hope to uninstall Java 11 or 8 on Windows or Mac. What Java version you feel like uninstalling, ways...
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How to Check How Much RAM You Have on Windows 10

What is RAM? Random-access memory is also called main memory. Its abbreviation is RAM, which is an internal memory that directly exchanges data with the CPU. The so-called random access refers to that the time required to read and write the data of the memory has nothing to do with the location of the information. And RAM is usually used as a temporary data storage medium for operating systems or other running programs. Contents: How to See How Much RAM You Have on Windows 10How Much RAM Do I Need...
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Tap Windows Adapter V9: What is and How to Remove it on Windows 10, 8, 7

For some Windows users, when you open Device Manager and expand Network adapters, just to find a Tap-Windows Adapter V9. But you have no clue about this adapter on Windows 10. Why is there a Tap-Windows Adapter V9 on your PC? Or for some users, even if you know what this adapter is, this Tap-Windows Adapter runs into error when you connect to the VPN. And it is also common that the internet connection isn't working when Tap-Windows Adapter is enabled. Hence, many of you are wondering whether to uninstall...
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What Kind of Drivers Need to be Updated for Desktop and Laptop

Drivers are an essential parts of computer. If your computer needs to work properly, it is a necessary step to install computer drivers for all computer hardware except the computer system. Without the driver, your screen will not display, your keyboard will not respond, and the mouse has no response. Updating your computer's drivers together with other updates can fix problems you may encounter and improve the performance and balance laptop and components units. So, when your system is updated, which drivers need to be updated? You can read this...
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How to Uninstall NVIDIA Drivers on Windows 10, 8, 7

For some of you, there are some old, corrupted, and damaged drivers on your PC, thus causing system crashes like blue screen of death, computer freezing, etc. In most cases, you need to uninstall the NVIDIA display driver from Windows 10. Now you can try different ways to completely remove old NVIDIA drivers for better PC performance. If you can’t uninstall NVIDIA drivers, it is wise to try another method or more. How to Uninstall NVIDIA Drivers from Windows 10? Normally, driver installation, uninstallation, and updates can be accomplished via...
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