Fix Fallout New Vegas Out of Memory (2023 Update)

When you are playing Fallout New Vegas (FNV), the “out of memory” error appears and causes crashes. Being a revolutionary shooting role-playing game, Fallout New Vegas is extremely popular worldwide. But game crashes occur now and then. FNV keeps crashing and the “out of memory” error pops up on Windows 10, 8, 7, or other gaming platforms all of a sudden.

fallout new vegas out of memory

How to Fix Fallout New Vegas “Out of Memory” Error?

FNV out of memory means that there is not enough dedicated graphics card memory to play Fall New Vegas. However, this error results from culprits that block the total conversion mod Fallout New Vegas from using more than 2GB of RAM.

Therefore, if you are to fix the “out of memory” in Fallout New Vegas, you need to use reliable mods to ensure Fallout New Vegas is allowed to use more than 2GB of RAM, thus avoiding crashes.

Here mods in games refer to the process of alteration by players or fans of one or more aspects of a video game, for instance, how it looks or behaves, and is a sub-discipline of general modding. Below are common but useful mods to help you get out of Fall New Vegas crashing due to the “out of memory” error.

Solution 1: Use Fallout New Vegas 4GB Patch

The Fallout New Vegas 4GB Patch is an essential mod for FNV to run with 4GB of virtual memory space. The process of downloading, installing, and running the 4GB Patch is rather foolproof, and you can simply rely on it to fix the FNV out of memory issue. With this mod, your Fallout New Vegas can use more than 2GB of RAM and runs smoothly.

1. Go to This website provides various game mods.

2. Scroll down to locate Files > FNV 4GB Patch > Manual Download.

fnv 4gb patch manual download

3. After the downloading, save the file on your computer.

4. Extract the downloaded zip file to C >> ProgramFiles(x86) >> Steam >> SteamApp >> common >> Fallout New Vegas.

5. Right click the FalloutNVpatch.exe file to Run as administrator.

6. In the FNV installation folder, right click the ini file to open its Properties.

7. Under General, locate Attributes, and then check the box of Read-only.

read only attribute in fallout new vegas 4gb patch

8. Double click Steam to run it and then play Fallout New Vegas.

For any other ini files, set them read-only in their properties. You can then play Fallout New Vegas to see whether the “out of memory” problem will pop up again even with the FNV 4GB Patch mod to allow gamers to use 4GB virtual memory space during gameplay.

Solution 2: Use the Stutter Removal Mod

Similarly, the Stutter Removal mod can also be a useful tool to help fix FNV out of memory errors. To be specific, Stutter Removal Mod fixes issues in the game engine to improve worst-case performance, which helps with some stability issues too. You can also rely on it to empower Fallout New Vegas to use more than 2GB of graphics card RAM.

1. Navigate to New Vegas Stutter Removal.

2. Scroll down to find out Files > Manual Downloads.

3. On your computer, locate the folder saving the downloaded file: Data > NVSE > Plugins.

4. Select all the files in Plugins and right click to Copy, and then Paste them in the following folder:


5. Locate the Data folder and right click the blank space to Create a New Folder and name it NVSE folder.

6. In the NVSE folder, right click the blank space to Create a New folder and name it Plugins.

7. In the newly-created Plugins folder, right click to Paste the copied files.

After all the above operations, launch Steam and play Fallout New Vegas. This time you will find that “out of memory” Fallout New Vegas disappeared and you can use any RAM storage when playing the FNV.


In this post, you can learn to fix Fallout New Vegas “out of memory” error by using useful game mods to allow gamers to use more than 2GB RAM in playing this game. You can then stop the Fallout New Vegas crashing issue and play the game on Steam as you wish.

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