Resolved: You are being Rate Limited in Discord

Discord is widely used among users to communicate with each other in the form of text, audio, and video chat. For gamers, chatting while playing games is an attraction for them to register and use Discord.

However, recently, many users reported that the “You are being rate limited” error pops up and stops them from completing the verification process to operate on Discord.

you are being rated limited discord

For instance, when you want to log in to Discord on your mobile phone via a way of text verification, the discord rate limited message comes up and the verification process is interrupted. Also, you may run into this rate limited issue on Discord anytime in using this app.

What Does It Mean When Discord Says You Are Being Rate Limited?

When Discord prompts you that “you are being rate limited”, it means that your operation is stopped by Discord. Normally, Discord’s API rate limits requests to prevent abuse and overload of its services. Discord tends to take various factors into account when setting rate limits by different HTTP methods.

The error “you are being rate limited” Discord happens because you tried to enter the text verification message repeatedly. Discord blocks your login in case some people pretend to be Discord users and guess the text code in order to login into others’ accounts.

In this way, Discord rate limited error can be considered a measure of Discord to protect the security of users.

How to Fix “You are Being Rate Limited” in Discord?

This error occurs to you mainly due to the security concerns of Discord considering your multiple tries to enter the text verification codes. While you need to fix Discord “you are being rate limited” by fixing the network errors. You need to ensure Discord will not mistake your IP address as that of hackers.


Solution 1: Wait for Several Minutes

As suggested, “you are being rate limited” happens to Discord after this app detects that you have entered the wrong text codes repeatedly.

Whether you have misentered the code or missed the limit time to enter the code, you can just wait for several minutes to see whether the rate limited error disappears after you re-request the text code and enter it in time.

For some users, after waiting for several minutes, you can log in Discord via the channel of entering a text verification code.

Solution 2: Power Cycle the Network

In case that your IP address is restricted by Discord after repeatedly entering the text code, you can reset your network router to refresh the network. In this way, chances are that Discord can allow you to request the verification code and log you in once you enter the true code.

1. Press the power button on the network router to switch it off.

2. Plug out the power adapter of the network router.

3. After 1 minute or more, plug in the power adapter of the router and press the power button to turn it on.

4. Reboot your computer.

5. After booting up, connect your device to the network and then try to login in Discord via text verification code.

If you have encountered “you are being rate limited” on Discord in other operations, try that operation again to see whether the error message re-appear.

Solution 3: Connect to the Network via Mobile Hotspot

If your Ethernet or Wi-Fi networks are restricted by Discord and the rate limited error persists, you may as well try to connect your computer to the hotspot network on your mobile phone and dismiss the IP restrictions of Discord.

To use the Mobile hotspot on your computer, open the Mobile Hotspot on your mobile phone Settings, and then try to connect your computer to the mobile hotspot by entering the password. Once connected, try to operate on Discord to see whether Discord “you are being rate limited” has been resolved.

Solution 4: Turn to Discord Technicians

Sometimes, being rate limited may not be caused by your network or false attempts of entering text verification code but the Discord platform itself. Therefore, you can resort to Discord’s official website to check their announcement or ask their technicians for help.


When meeting the “you are being rate limited” error in Discord, do not worry, you can remove it with simple fixes. After that, you can log in and use this application in games to receive and send text, audio, and video messages as you wish.

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