Hard Drive Recovery: A Guide to Recovering Files

Modern technologies allow us to store terabytes of data without effort. There is no need for CD or DVD disks anymore. Your computer’s hard drive is where it’s possible to store everything from your operating system down to your mp3 collections or papers of your 30-week college lecture course.

hard drive recovery

Storing data on a hard drive is easy and convenient. Yet, like every technology, hard drives are at risk of destruction. It means the users can lose their information.

Reasons for Missing Data and Files on Hard Drive

There are some other reasons why files are disappeared from the hard drives:

Accidental deletion: You may be surprised to get to know that users often delete the needed data by mistake. They do not only send files to the recycle bin but even permanently delete them.

Your computer is corrupted: Data corruption can come from a number of different sources. The corrupted files can be destroyed or become inaccessible.

Your computer is infected: The number of malicious programs is rising by the day. Direct action and resident file viruses are able to make copious files disappear from your hard drive.

Your computer is out of order: Sometimes files can be deleted because something goes wrong with the very hard drive or operating system.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Solutions 

Losing data from your hard drive is not a pleasant experience. Yet, it’s not the reason to fall into despair. It’s possible to recover files on your hard drive even if you are not an experienced IT specialist.

Here is the only guide on hard drive data recovery you’ll ever need. It will be rather helpful for Windows, macOS, and Linux users. You have three possible ways out:

1. Manual hard drive data recovery

It’s the simplest solution. It can help if you delete the files accidentally. As soon as you discover that you’ve deleted some files, you should stop working with the hard drive immediately to avoid overwriting.

Then, you should look for the deleted files in the recycle bin. It’s enough just to apply the “Undelete” option to recover the needed data. 

Sometimes it happens that some partitions of your disk failed. In this case, it’s necessary to restore not the whole disk but just the needed partition. When it comes to partition recovery, it’s possible to apply two methods – physical and virtual.

The last one is rather complicated and it’s almost impossible to implement it manually. It’s also a good idea to try the RAW partition recovery tool such as Disk Drill, for instance when it comes to undeleting data on the RAW card.      

By the way, it’s worth keeping a backup of critical files to prevent a dramatic loss of important information.  

2. Using hard drive data recovery software

When it comes to computer corruption or malware attacks, it’s almost impossible to cope without special recovery tools. They are a must if you delete your files by using the Alt+Delete key combination. You should find and download the most appropriate software.

On the Net, it’s possible to find both free and paid variants. After you download the tool, you should run it and follow the instructions. You have to choose a section that should be recovered. It’s often necessary to define the type of the files, too.      

3. The assistance of competent specialists

This variant is the best one when it comes to physical damages to your hard drive. Physical harm can be caused by heat or water. Moreover, logical errors often lead to serious damages to HHD and loss of data.  

4. Restore Your System

If it is a computer hard drive that has deleted some data by mistake, you can actually restore your system in addition to using data recovery software. This requires you to do a restore point setup before using your system. After you have performed a mistaken deletion of files or data, you can use a system restore point to get the mistakenly deleted files.

No matter, whether you need to recover RAW partition or hard drive data, you should act quickly and decisively. Almost in all cases, the deleted data can be restored. It’s only necessary to pick up the most effective method.

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