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What Does OFC Mean in Texting? How can you use it properly?

In text talks, it is likely that you receive a short message like OFC in Snapchat from someone else. And in some cases, you may have no idea what does it mean by sending you OFC and in what situations you can use this term on your own to others. This tutorial will display all you want to know OFC in your received message.

what does ofc mean


It is worth mentioning that OFC is just a representative of internet abbreviated word in texting. If you have any doubts about other internet slangs such as 2day (today), ABT(about), B4(Before), ASAP (as soon as possible), you can refer to the explanations about OFC in this post.


What does OFC mean?

Simply put, OFC is short for “Of course”. And in most cases, people would use it in texting as an internet slang or an acronym.  That is to say, so long as your answers or responses to certain questions are absolutely affirmative, you may respond “Of course”, which can be shortened as OFC in text talk.

For instance, being a passionate lover of traveling, when you are asked by your friend in a form of the message whether you want to travel in this holiday, your answer can be OFC, which is as brief as possible and it also shows your pleasure for the suggestion of your friend.

Or as the picture shows you, when Anne asks “Do you think they will show up again today”, if your answer is positive, just respond to Anne with “OFC”.

example of using ofc

Why is it preferred by some people?

From this perspective, obviously, you can know why people would prefer to use OFC on Snapchat or any other apps when texting.

For one thing, as an abbreviation of “Of course”, this term is able to quickly and concisely convey what the sender wants to express, just like your response to a piece of advice of a friend. And the effects by OFC can be generated similarly to that of “Of course” answered face-to-face.

For another thing, with the popularity of online chatting, such internet slangs like OFC, BSF (Best Friend), OMG (Oh my god) become increasingly popular and convenient for online chatters using text.

In other words, this phenomenon of using acronyms in texting is a byproduct of the development of internet and information technology.

When will OFC be used in text talk?

In fact, it is safe to say in texting talk, there is no strict rule to supervise you in what situations you cannot use the abbreviation or in what cases you would better use it.

In other words, whenever you want to send a message that includes “of course” or that contains a sense of affirmation, it is OK to use OFC instead, just as here we use OK to convey a sense of feasibility.

Besides, under some circumstances, you can use OFC within a sentence or message. To be specific, when you are sure that something won’t happen or you are trying to negate something, “OFC not” can be used to replace “Of course not”. That is acceptable.

Is it proper to use OFC in any case?

The answer is Of course not (OFC not). As suggested above, you can use OFC to replace Of course not as an abbreviation. But the truth is such slangs in the text are not suitable to be adopted in any case.

For instance, if you are sending a message to the higher authority or your boss, if an OFC is sent by you, the other side may consider that you show no respect to them as it seems that you are even unwilling to take time to send them the complete message.

Therefore, to use OFC and other acronyms in text talk appropriately, it is wise to fully consider such factors like politeness, the social status of the message receiver, and the relationship between you and the other people.

In this regard, it can be simply concluded that you can send any slang or network words to your close friend or any peers sharing familiarity with you, but you need to think twice when texting to boss or seniors.

In brief, this post regarding the introduction to OFC including its meaning and usage can be a source for you to learn how to use internet slang appropriately in text talks. Next time you’re your friend ask you whether this is a good post, you may reply him or her with a message like OFC, check it ASAP.

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