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Fixed: The File is a Decompression Bomb

For many people, it is nothing new when you are prompted by the problem that the file is a decompression bomb once you used certain antivirus program to scan for your PC.

When you run into this issue, the first thing that crosses your mind may be how you can get rid of this decompression bomb though it hasn’t caused you any trouble yet.

On this occasion, you would better dive into the concept of the decompression bomb 42110 and then decide whether or not you hope to run a system without this kind of decompress bomb file.

What is Decompression Bomb?

To put it in simpler words, the decompress bomb detected by an antivirus application means that this file has already been decompressed and it cannot be decompressed anymore by any kind of tools. What’s more, when the file is decompression bomb, your Windows system, be Windows 10, 8, 7, tends to be slow or freezing.

That explained why Windows 10 on your PC runs slowly suddenly right after you discovered the presence of the decompression bomb 42110 by Avast.

As for what is contained in the file decompression bomb, it is inclusive of a series of long patterns.

When it gets down to this step, many users may have a confusion in mind that if decompression bomb can lead to system freeze, why we still compress files on Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11.

To answer this question, perhaps you should learn about what the file compress is.

Tips: Why You Choose to Compress Files?

Since file compression enables you to reduce the size of the large files on Windows 10 using the file compression algorithm, for instance, contract a file of 800GB to 600GB, thus saving the space of your system.

That is what the file compression is and why sometimes you choose to compress files on Windows 10/11.

How Will your PC Be Like if Decompression Bomb Files Arrive?

What will happen if the antivirus programs figure out there is decompression bomb on your computer?

In normal cases, if Windows systems run into these extremely long digitals of files, it can’t respond and fails to work as it is used to do. With time passes by, your system will be damaged with data loss.

Under this circumstance, it is urgent for you to make sure there is no decompress bomb 42110 by scanning your computer with Avast.

How to Fix the File is a Decompression Bomb?

It is likely that sometimes the decompression bomb is actually safe on your PC and is not a threat at all. It is just mistaken as a bomb file.

So you are supposed to make best of various antivirus programs to scan for all the files on your PC to check whether they are decompressed bomb files.

To fix this file is decompression bomb error, you can use Windows embedded-in tool Windows Defender or take advantage of some third-party applications, such as Avast, Malwarebytes, Norton etc.

Or to move further to ascertain the condition of the files on your PC, you would better navigate to the official site online to search for their detailed information.

In a word, at the moment you got the error that the file is a decompression bomb, the first and foremost thing you need to do is to run your antivirus software to scan for the errors.

But sometimes, even if Avast informs you of decompression bomb 42110 error, it is also wise for you to turn to the official website to check the working condition of the decompressed files on your PC. That is to make sure the decompression bomb is not a false alarm by third-party applications.

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