Top 8 Popular Mobile Applications Among Students During Distance Learning

Learning from home has become the new norm in education since schools’ emergent closures due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Teachers have adapted with the help of some truly excellent online applications. Distance studying allowed teachers to explore new online applications that can and will be relevant to our future course delivery in any format.

This article will discuss some of the most popular free applications teachers and pupils use while studying from home. We will see their advantages and disadvantages and how student performance has changed during distance studying.

top 8 mobile applications

Most popular applications for teachers and students

The use of technology for study has brought numerous changes in education, and studying changed a lot in the last year – now it is distance learning during a pandemic, and it is the new normal. Statistics show that it is much harder for students to study at home. They have to study all the material on their own.

Sometimes, I do not even have time for eating. Teachers give us too much material, and we are not able to focus on a healthy life. I prefer to pay someone to do my assignment. I have more time for myself and do not feel exhausted, depressed, and very weak”, said the university student.

Various online applications and services have gained popularity during distance learning to help students and teachers. For example: writing services, online boards, applications for video communication. We will tell you about some of them below.


One of the most practical applications for both students and teachers is Zoom. It assists in sharing classes and communication with a more significant number of students. Educators can share lessons, and pupils can follow them and interact.

Google Classroom

Besides the fact that this online web app is easy to use, it is also a great tool to take lessons and share materials for studying. Teachers can follow their students’ studying process, give them feedback, and resolve students’ problems.

Google Meet

This web app is perfect for recording lessons. These lessons can be posted on Google Classroom and make more accessible pupils’ educational process. Teachers can see the pupils’ faces and also hear their voices. Plus, there is a fantastic feature that provides students to intercommunicate during their writing in online classes.


It is the most exciting and popular app among students. Why? Because there are many different activities such as reminders, checkpoints, and the most attractive – games that allow them to learn and improve thinking skills quickly for some future exam.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using distance learning applications?

As with all teaching methods, distance studying also has positives and negatives. However, both teacher and pupils can learn from using distance learning applications, improve the quality of lessons, and make them more efficient. The benefits of using distance learning applications are:

Fewer costs

Not only for students but also parents, online learning has brought many financial benefits. Online learning provides pupils to learn from anywhere they want, in this case, from home, and economic costs such as commuting, meals, and other additional charges are eliminated.

Any time, Anyplace

The most important benefit is the flexibility of pupils being able to study anywhere and anytime. If they miss some lesson, online applications offer lessons recording, and they can learn them later. It does not matter if they are at their house or a coffee shop; they can relisten the lesson online.

However, there are also disadvantages that online education brings, and both pupils and educators must face them:

Less Focus

Unfortunately, digital learning screens are less focusing on pupils. It is pretty probable that while learning, pupils use many other social media, and they keep them distracted. So, teachers need to keep the pupils’ attention while creating engaging lessons.

Too Much Screen

Parents care about their children. No matter if they are in college or school, pupils use too much technology nowadays, and it can affect their health. All-day in front of the screen can cause serious problems.

To sum up, this Covid-19 pandemic has allowed everyone to experience the era of digital learning and improve digital skills. Moreover, students will learn and develop technology skills, which can benefit their future jobs’ requirements.

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