What Are the Latest Technologies in the Automobile?

Technology around us is evolving all the time. With each passing day, we are being introduced to something new that was not considered possible a few years ago. A while ago, we never thought it to be possible to have traveled by car. And now we have stepped into the age of driverless cars.


And the evolution has not stopped there. Still, we see the automotive industries looking to compete by introducing the latest innovations in the market. They are aimed at making the drive comfortable and safe for us. Along with self-driving cars, there are many other technologies introduced like driver behavior monitoring, lane assisting, etc.

In this blog, we are going to list down some of the latest technologies that have made our rides much better. You can contact any Car Rental Dubai company to have a test drive in a car with the latest features at a much less cost.

Autonomous Vehicle Systems

The automotive industry is trying to make our cars as smart as possible. The idea is to make them able to make decisions in serious situations if required. With autonomous symptoms installed in a vehicle, the vehicle will have the last say on how to drive a car.

It can greatly improve the safety of the driver in an accident. For instance, in case the driver falls asleep with their foot on the gas pedal, and the car is about to collide with another vehicle, the vehicle will be able to override the user’s command and bring the car to stop. It will make sure that the car does not become a part of a serious accident.

Window Displays

The idea of making an active windows display has been in the market for a long time. In this mode, the vehicle will be able to display certain images on the windows of the vehicle aiding in the driving process.

It has huge applications when it comes to navigation. Now instead of looking up a route on your mobile phone GPS, the directions to your destination will be visible on your windows. You will be informed of the details like which direction to turn and how far the turn is.

It is also quite helpful from the perspective of advertisements. Instead of covering the car with stickers, you can use the back screen of the vehicle as a mobile advertisement device. It does not obstruct your view of the vehicles behind you too.

Biometric Engine Startup

Taking the security of the car to the next step, a biometric startup feature is being installed in the vehicles. It works like the one that our phones use. You enter your vehicle and use a fingerprint scanner to start up the car. In some cases, a rational scanner is used.

It is a great defense against vehicle theft. It is also useful for those who tend to misplace their car keys. Now you do not need car keys to drive your car.

Remote Vehicle Tracking & Shutdown

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Remote vehicle shutdown is the first line of defense against recovering the stolen vehicle. You can ask the vehicle to shut down without being in physical contact with the vehicle. Until now this technology was only installed in luxury cars and high priority vehicles. But with the latest leaps of technology, such systems are being installed in all the cars.

Remote vehicle shutdown accompanied with the improved tracking technology has made significant improvement in the stolen car recovery process. The tracking systems are a key part of security services used by rental car agencies.

Driver’s Health Monitoring

In this technology, the car is installed with sensors that are dedicated to keeping the track of health conditions of the driver. Some companies install the sensors on the seats while others on the seat belt.

These sensors keep a continuous eye on the health of the driver. If a driver has a panic attack or a heart attack, the autonomous car system will kick in to park the car safely at the side of the road. The health monitoring system will call the paramedics and inform them of the vitals of the driver, making sure that the driver can get help as soon as possible.

Eco-Friendly Fuel

With the current crisis of environmental pollution, the automotive industries have moved towards environmentally friendly fuel. The car will now run-on electricity making sure that no harmful emission can pose harm to the environment.

Electric vehicles concept

Tesla has introduced the concept of electric vehicles with the thought of making vehicles friendly for the environment and reducing pollution. In 2021, we are expecting more and more electric cars running on the roads.

In-car Apps

The trends of the apps just don’t stop in the smart apps as the automobile companies are now bringing them into the cars as well. Models like Porsche 911, Hyundai Elantra, and Holden Astra are offering CarPlay and Android auto to both syncs your phone with your car. Not only that, you might have heard of the Land Rover’s inControl Remote that has launched a few times before. It allows people to lock/unlock their cars by using their smartphones or watches. You may also witness the waterproof wristband in the upcoming years and guess what we don’t have to worry about losing car keys again.


The latest technologies have helped make our lives much better. Automotive industries are also continuously looking to adopt new technologies to help us travel safely. We have come far in terms of technological advancements, but still, we have a lot more to achieve in the upcoming years.

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