Ascendant Challenge This Week – Destiny 2 (Guide 2023)

Gamers cannot miss Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge. But it is difficult for many of you, especially those new players, to know the D2 Ascendant Challenge location as it changes frequently.

For some people, you even have no idea what is means by saying the Ascendant Challenge this week. Or for veteran players, if you still don’t know how to find weekly Ascendant Challenge location, this post will offer a complete guide about the location or ways to find out this week’s Ascendant Challenge.


ascendant challenge this week

What is Ascendant Challenge This Week? What are Ascendant Challenges?

Ascendant Challenge this week is an activity in Destiny’s Dreaming City in which gamers are supposed to complete tasks in every week to gain the Destiny Dreaming Gear. Here “challenge” can be interpreted as the challenge locations that rotate every week, thus getting different users confused.

In terms of Ascendant Challenges, they are often provided by a vendor in this game called Petra Venj. To be specific, Ascendant Challenges refer to weekly bounties in Destiny: Forsaken. And so long as a player can complete the Ascendant Challenge for this week, he will be rewarded with Powerful Gear and Dark Fragments.

Every week, there will be portals in the Dreaming City opened to allow gamers to access the Ascendant Challenges. And curse types are used to find the location of Petra Venj, which would then provide the challenge location to the player, namely, Weak, Medium, and Strong.

Correspondingly, for different curse types, the locations of Petra Venj differ, specifically, the Strand for Weak Curse, Divilian Mists for Medium Curse, and Rehasilvia for Strong Curse.

How to Do Ascendant Challenge?

First, it is worth mentioning that every week, there are six ascendant challenge rotations, so it can be challenging to find the locations if you could not fully understand how Ascendant Challenge this week works.

1. Gain access to the Dreaming City in Destiny 2. You need to complete tasks like Broken Awoken Talisman under the guidance of Petra Venj (finding talisman fragments) > Mended Awoken Talisman (defeating Taken enemies) > Semi-Charged Awoken Talisman (being absorbed Darkness from the Public Event “Ether Harvest” located in Four-Horn Gulch) > Balanced Awoken Talisman (entering Dreaming City).

2. Locate Petra Venj to get the D2 Ascendant Challenge Weekly Bounty.

3. You will get a consumable item named Tincture of Queensfoil, which may drop from chests in both the Dreaming City and throughout the game world. (Here it is said that the region chests are mostly like to drop to the Dreaming city, so you might as well try to enter the Dreaming City via this region.)

4. Use the potions of Tincture of Queensfoil to get special portals or secrets that enable you to access the Ascendant Challenges in the Dreaming City.

5. In Dreaming City, accomplish the Ascendant Challenges to obtain the Destiny Dreaming Gear.

In this way, you may have a general idea about how Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge works. And it is time to get down to Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge location this week or today, like chamber of starlight location or spine of keres location.

Where is Ascendant Challenge on Destiny This Week?

Below is a table about the Ascendant Challenge this week in 2020. As you can see, the curve type of location is different.

April 28th Shattered Ruins Spine of Keres Medium
May 5th Keep of Honed Edges Harbinger’s Seclude Strong
May 12th Agonarch Abyss Bay of Drowned Wishes Weak
May 19th Cimmerian Garrison Chamber of Starlight Medium
May 26th Ouroborea Aphelion’s Rest Strong
June 2nd Forfeit Shrine Gardens of Esila Weak
June 9th Shattered Ruins Spine of Keres Medium
June 16th Keep of Honed Edges Harbinger’s Seclude Strong
June 23rd Agonarch Abyss Bay of Drowned Wishes Weak
June 30th Cimmerian Garrison Chamber of Starlight Medium
July 7th Ouroborea Aphelion’s Rest Strong
July 14th Forfeit Shrine Gardens of Esila Weak
July 21st Shattered Ruins Spine of Keres Medium
July 28th Keep of Honed Edges Harbinger’s Seclude Strong

To better understand what this table mean, here present you with an example. For instance, Dreaming City Ascendant Challenge this week (July 28th) is Keep of Honed Edges, so the curve type of strong, which means you need to find Petra Venj on Rehasilvia.

Therefore, as time changes, the location to locate Petra Venj so as to further complete the Ascendant Challenge rotation this week varies (it is essential to first find out Petra Venj as it will guide you to locate the Tincture of Queensfoil, which would locate the portal to get into the Ascendant Challenge.)

How to Complete Ascendant Challenge This Week?

Since the Ascendant location differs from week to week, it may also be difficult to finish the whole challenge if a gamer is not so proficient in this Destiny 2 campaign. Therefore, completing Ascendant Challenge Week 6 will be selected as an example to show you what to do once you got Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge location this week.

1. As mentioned, for Week 6 Ascendant Challenge, you need to hover over Rehasilvia to pinpoint Petra Venj, which is located in northern Dreaming City.

2. Get the Tincture of Queensfoil by Petra and then find out the Ascendant portal in the first area tucked behind a large circular arena full with Hobgoblins.

3. Then arrive at Cimmerian Garrison where you need to get through the linear route without being caught by mobs. If needed, you can just pass these large mobs.

4. Lastly, with the mobs conquered or dismissed, you can see an Ascendant Knight is waiting for you. Here you may as well use your super power or any powerful weapons to finish the challenge and gain the Gear.

Above are the steps to do Ascendant Challenge for Week 6, for other weeks, you can check the specific locations to complete the Ascendant Challenge this week on Destiny 2.

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All in all, this post teaches you what Ascendant Challenge this week is, where the Ascendant Challenge locations are in Destiny 2 and how to do Ascendant Challenge with the location. Therefore, you may now know more about Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge and how to gain the Dreaming Gear.

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