Entertainment contains some entertainment device knowledge and entertainment products such as Youtube, Netflix, Miracast, chromecast, etc. Then if you encounter any problems, you can also find a solution on this page.


How to Customize AutoPlay Settings on Windows 10

Contents: Customize AutoPlay Settings Overview How to Manage AutoPlay via Windows 10 Settings How to Personalize AutoPlay via Control Panel Customize AutoPlay Settings Overview AutoPlay is a unique feature on Windows 10 which is able to let you choose a program to display photo, music, video when you plug a media device, like external Hard disk or SD or Media card. So it is no wonder that when you insert a removable device, the AutoPlay would pop up and prompts you that you can select a software to import these...

7 Ways to Fix Video Streaming Problems on Windows 10

After your computer update to Windows 10, some problems may occur to your computer, and one of them may be video streaming issues. Video streaming problems may have various form, while the reasons for these phenomena can be concluded into several kinds. Contents: Problems Caused By Video Streaming The Reasons Lead to Video Streaming How to Fix Video Streaming Problems on Windows 10 Problems Caused By Video Streaming When you want to watch something on websites like YouTube and Netflix, you may have problems like: 1. The video does not...
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