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How to Block Ads on Twitch with Adblock on Windows (2020 Update)

Adblock is a very well-known advertisement blocking software, which can help you block various browser pop-up ads such as that on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, computer desktop pop-up ads and various video media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitch) Advertising screen. This article will focus on how to use Adblock to block ads in twitch. Contents: 4 Types of Twitch AdsWhy Block Ads on Twitch is Difficult and Should I Block It?Using Adblock to Block Ads on TwitchOther Ways to Block Ads on TwitchConclusion 4 Types of Twitch Ads Before removing Ads...

Solved: Spotify Can’t Play This Right Now (2020 Update)

Spotify Users have encountered situations where they cannot play songs in this player. Some people may not be able to play the current track on Spotify, while others cann’t play all the songs or an album. And the most common error message may be: Spotify can't play this right now if you have the file on your computer you can import it. Overview: Spotify Songs Can't Play MessagesHow to Fix Spotify Can't Play This Right Now Spotify Songs Can’t Play Messages Since Spotify's music can be played on different devices,...

Fixed: Roku Remote Not Working

As a digital media player set-top box device, Roku is increasingly popular among people worldwide. But there are also Roku problems according to the reports of Roku streaming player users. Most recently, it is frequently complained the error of Roku remote not working, either Roku IR remote or Roku enhanced remote. That is so annoying if you take an off from work and sit on the couch to watch TV via Roku devices like Roku LT, Roku HD, XD, XDS,  Roku 1, 2, 3, Hisense Roku, TCL Roku, etc. just...

How to Delete Spotify Account (2020 Update)

As a music platform, Spotify has a variety of songs, and its users are from all over the world. This article is about how to delete your account on Spotify. Contents: Deleting Account on Spotify OverviewHow to Canel Your Spotify Account Step by StepHow to Delete Spotify Account With Contact FormHow Do I Get My Spotify Account Back? Deleting Account on Spotify Overview If you no longer want to receive various music subscriptions from Spotify, or you sign up for other music platforms, you may choose to cancel your Spotify...

How to Change Spotify Username (2020 Update)

Spotify is a world-renowned music platform, with which you can use online websites, desktop Spotify Player, tablet devices and mobile phones to listen to music. This article will mainly help you solve your Spotify username problem. Contents: What is Spotify Username and Display Name?Where is Spotify Username? How Can I See it?How to Change Username on Spotify?How to Change Spotify Username with Facebook Account? What is Spotify Username and Display name? When you sign up the Spotify, there is an item - what should I call you. After you type...

How to Search Using the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ Button on Google Search

Google Search has been widely used among users worldwide due to its powerful search engine and technology base. Recently, more and more people have noticed that there is a button “I’m Feeling Lucky” on Google Search. In particular, some users even find that other buttons like I’m Feeling Curious, I’m Feeling Doodly, I’m Feeling Hungry, I’m Feeling bored appear below the Google search box randomly. But for most people, you seem to get accustomed to searching on Google directly without using any Google trick. Hence, this post tries to teach...

How to Fix No Sound on Youtube [6 Ways]

Some people may encounter that when you are playing online videos on Youtube, the picture is fine but you are unable to get any sound from the video. Some people may find that there is no sound in all audios or videos. But no sound on all YouTube videos on Windows 10 occurs to some users as well. It is known that YouTube is the most popular video streaming website and no sound from the computer is a very common problem, so when your YouTube video or audio has no...

Fixed: Spotify Web Player Not Working

Recently, users keep reporting that Spotify web player does not work on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and other browsers all of a sudden. As you know, this player enables people to enjoy various music with no need for downloading. So it is so frustrating that this music player refuses to run for users. How to Fix Spotify Web Player Not Working? Since this Spotify web player is mostly used on browsers for users to listen to music online, it is possible that the browser errors will cause it not to work....

How to Fix Netflix Site Error

Overview: Why Does Netflix Site Error Pop up on my computer? How to Fix Netflix Site Error? Bonus Tip: Update Network Drivers For many users, Netflix has been a great platform for relaxation. And for most of you, you feel like watch movies or TV shows, etc. on Netflix. But unfortunately, you run into Netflix Site Error when you access this site. And it also warns you that “We were unable to process your request. Please go to the Netflix home page by clicking the button below. Of course, you...

Fixed: Twitch 2000 Network Error

As you know, Twitch is a video live streaming platform developed by Twitch Interactive affiliated by Amazon. Users are able to watch streaming videos and chat with millions of fans on Twitch.tv site on different browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc., for instance, gamers would like to discuss games on it. But it was reported that some of you stumble upon 2000: Network error on Twitch when you try to get into this platform and chat with others. Why Does 2000 Network Error on Twitch come to my computer? Now...
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