You can learn a lot of programs such as mom.exe, articlexx.exe, csrss.exe, sedlanucher.exe, lsass.exe, OpenAL, OpenGL, etc. You can also solve the problem of High CPU Usage caused by many programs.


How to Fix Rats! WebGL Hit a Snag on Google Chrome

Recently, when you use Google Chrome browser, when browse Facebook or Apple official site, the screen pop up "Rats! WebGL hit a snag." It becomes completely black or gray, and the entire page is stuck and cannot be browsed. Although it is said that the page can be displayed normally by pressing Ignore or reload, it is not a good phenomenon for poor efficiency. After searching, it is found that this issue is related to WebGL drawing system problems, and there are many ways to solve it. What is Rats...

What is Microsoft AU Daemon? How to Disable it on Windows and Mojave

Many users may have been prompted notifications like you are opening the application “Microsoft AU Daemon” for the first time. Are you sure you want to open this application? It is confusing since you even have no idea what this application is and what the use of it on Windows and Mac systems. Some of you even consider it as a virus. To get rid of your doubts about Microsoft Daemon and its related problems, this article comes into play. Overview: Microsoft AU Daemon- What it is? Should you Disable...
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How to Uninstall Programs on Windows 11/10 (Including Won’t Uninstall)

How to uninstall programs on your computer and why you should do it? During the use of Windows 10 or Windows 11, users may often install a lot of programs, or be bundled to install a lot of programs, which will cause the computer to run slowly and take up a lot of computer space. Therefore, it is very necessary to uninstall unusable programs on time. So this article will teach you how to properly uninstall a program and teach you what to do when programs won't uninstall. Method 1:...
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