How to Change Steam User Name Quickly?

“Why can’t I change Steam account name?”, recently, many gamers proposed this question. Normally, so long as you create an account on Steam, this video game distribution platform will immediately give you an ID to identify you from other gamers.

change steam account name

However, many of you are doubting: “Is Steam account name the same as the Steam username?”, and many gamers keep asking, “how to change the account name”.

In this post, you can learn about the differences between Steam account name and username and then detailed steps to change Steam ID or account name. You can also find and check the account name if needed. 

What are the Differences between Steam Account Name and Username?

Simply put, account name, also ID on Steam, refers to the unique numeric identifier through Steam account name generator when you tried to create a Steam account.

As the Steam site announced, the account name can’t be changed even via Steam Support, not to mention changing Steam ID by the gamer himself.

Whereas, the Steam username is the profile name that is configured by gamers, and it can be changed anytime when you want to change to another one.

When other gamers want to add you to the friends list on Steam or invite you to play games, the username comes to play. It can be concluded that the account name on Steam is a number that is invisible to others, while Steam user name is a name, similar to an alias that can be seen by other gamers.

How to Change Steam Username?

From the above analysis, odds are that when users ask to modify Steam account name or ID, they change Steam player or community name in games.

Unfortunately, numerous users have no idea about the differences between the account and user name for the Steam digital platform. In this way, specific steps to change Steam username will be provided below. If needed, you can also learn how to view the Steam ID.

You can alter a new profile name within the Steam settings. After that, the player name will be different as your friends can see.

1. Launch Steam and select Profile.

2. Hit Edit Profile.

edit profile in steam

3. In the profile setting, input a name in the box for Profile Name.

4. Click Save Changes to save the new name.

In so doing, when you start a game on Steam again, your community name on Steam games will be the one you have just changed. You need to bear in mind that your account name will not be changed but your user name or player name.

How to Find Your Steam ID?

Some users are curious about what Steam account name has been assigned to them by the Steam account name generator. In this way, you may as well refer to the steps below to find Steam account name on this platform, or if needed, you can rely on a Steam account name finder to locate your Steam account name easily.

1. In Steam, click Settings.

2. Under Interface, locate and check the box of Display Steam URL address bar when available.

display steam url address bar when available

3. Click OK to save changes.

4. Click Profile on Steam and check the number at the end of the URL.

find steam account name

That number is your Steam account name. You can copy and paste it into a document in case you need it in the future.


You can understand what Steam account name and user name are as well as their differences in this post. More important, you can learn to change the profile name and find the account name within Steam settings.

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