How to Make Money Playing Computer Games

It sounds like a game come true, doesn’t it? The opportunity to play computer games and make money from it. Well, nowadays, that is a reality, especially with the rise of eSports, but it’s not just limited to that arena. With the increase of virtual currencies and gaming on the blockchain, we’re now seeing new releases that give you, the player, the chance to have fun playing while earning at the same time.

The Rise of Community Gaming

Since the day of couch co-op games, the idea of playing video games with other people (or against) is part of the gaming culture. If something goes wrong, you can always find out how to fix a game online.

As the years went by and the gaming world moved online, multiplayer has exploded massively. It’s got so big that we’ve now got competitive gaming in the form of eSports, where gamers can make hundreds of thousands of dollars. But there has to be an easier way to play games that you like and earn money doing it. Thankfully, there is.

And the beauty of it is that it’s based on popular games that focus on community. Minecraft and Roblox are massively popular because you can build your own environments, levels, avatars, and explore an online world.

But when money comes into it, like most games nowadays, it’s usually in the form of in-game purchases. The idea is that to advance further or quicker, you’ve got to spend your real money, but what does it accomplish at the end of the day? With gaming moving onto the blockchain, you can still enjoy all your bragging rights, but you can also really up the ante by developing your own content and selling it to other players.

Enter The Sandbox

One game that’s been making waves is The Sandbox, a virtual world that lets you create, own, and monetize your gaming experience. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, you use the main in-game currency, named SAND, to enjoy your very own virtual universe. So how do you make money blockchain gaming? Let’s look a bit closer.


When you start off on The Sandbox, you’re likely going to want to create your avatar – who doesn’t?! After that, it’s time to explore how it works. And it works on SAND, LAND, and ASSETS. The metaverse is made up of a variety of LANDs.

The players within The Sandbox create these. Each LAND is a space that comes with a pre-built, default terrain, similar in graphic style to Minecraft’s blocky nature. It’s then up to you to create your own landscape, modifying it to how you see fit.

It’s easy to do this with the various tools available within the game. For example, the Game Maker does what it says. You can use this to build and customize your lands, making them into levels and games. But it’s not just for you to sit back and marvel at, you then let other players within The Sandbox play at your level, take on your challenges, and they’ll pay the in-game currency, SAND, to do it, which is money for you.

Gaming and Earning

As well as creating new challenges that are monetized, you can also create new ASSETS in the marketplace. These could be new costumes for avatars or various tokens – just like a real economy – you can sell in the shop or buy it yourself. 

With other players taking part in your games or purchasing your creations from the shop, you’ll be able to earn passive income. All while you explore The Sandbox yourself. The critical part of this game is that it’s decentralized, which means everything you create, you truly own. This is unlike similar games that are built on a centralized platform in which whatever you create belongs to the game’s creator.

The Sandbox also focuses not just on creating its own online community but also its own ecosystem. As well as purchasing LAND and creating your own environments to earn SAND on, you can be part of something much bigger.

Get involved in the $2m Creator Fund to help build, share, and monetize more games while retaining your creations’ full ownership and copyright. You can also get additional LAND parcels to expand your own offering. And with more SAND, you can join in the Governance decisions to shape the game’s roadmap.

Blockchain gaming allows you to make money while playing computer games. But it’s not just building. It’s creating a world, being involved in an ecosystem, and making a virtual economy go around. Best of all, it’s a great game to play, too.

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