How To Make Tabletop Games More Exciting For Your Family And Friends

It can be very frustrating when you are super excited about a board but have no one to enjoy it with even when you have your family and friends around. But then that’s the perspective for an avid board gamer.

From the “regulars” board games may appear too complicated, uninteresting, or boring and that’s why they are always hesitant to join in on the fun. And you can’t blame them for that. What you can do is try your best to give them a new perspective on the game. 

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So, how can you make your friends and family more interested in tabletop board games? Here are 5 ways:

1. Lure Them In With Easier Games

The last thing you should do is introduce someone to a board game that’s really hard or too deep. This is a great way of chasing them away which is the exact opposite of what we are trying to accomplish. Therefore, as much as you love Twilight Imperium, introducing your sister or friend who’s already low in interest to such a game is far from ideal.

Start them on something easier. A game they can learn in several minutes and start playing. This will help them feel that board games are easier than they may appear. It will also inevitably raise their interest in something more advanced.

People love knowing they can handle tough situations and tasks so when a game starts feeling too easy, they’ll ask for a harder challenge. 

The first game should also be fun enough to grab their attention and make the learning process more exciting. 

2. Create A Big Fuss About The Game

Don’t make the first gaming session feel like it’s just about the game. No. Make it an occasion and there are no boundaries on how far you can take it. You are free to plan a series of activities with the tabletop game as a tiny part of the entire plan.

You can also make the game the main event with a few extra activities on the side. The choice on whether to go with the former or latter will depend on how excited the people are in the board game. You don’t want to ask someone who’s uninterested in board games to come over for a full night of gaming. They’ll turn you down. 

You can also ask other people to come over for the gaming night. This is especially important if you have many other activities lined up. 

3. Print 3D Gaming Miniatures And Terrains

terrains games

3D printers are an incredible way of raising your family and friends’ interest in tabletop games. The printers create vivid gaming miniatures that will make the gaming experience surreal.

And the best part is there are plenty of 3D printers on the market offering different features as discussed on this site, therefore, you should find the perfect printer for the specific games your friends are interested in.

4. Get Rid Of Distractions

We can all agree that tabletop games are more fun when we put our phones away and focus on the game. So, when you finally manage to pull the crowd to the table, do your best to eliminate all the distractions and especially smartphones. But don’t stop there, switch off the tv, and minimize irrelevant discussions. 

Background music is okay but be conscious of the playlist you select. Soft soothing music creates an ideal atmosphere for tabletop gaming. Avoid any songs that will turn your gaming night into a party.

You should know that getting rid of distractions won’t mean much if you don’t keep the game entertaining for your friends. So find a way to keep them engaged throughout the session lest they start seeking other things to do.

5. Add Some Snacks And Drinks To The Experience

Sometimes all it takes is a promise of snacks, drinks, or a favorite dish to get your family and friends at the table. 

Alcohol can also do wonders when used correctly. Cocktails can keep your friends engaged in the game instead of thinking about their phones. You can also convert some board games to drinking games.

Sadly, alcohol can also spoil the game just as easily. Make sure the alcohol is not too much to create a partying mood or make teaching the game an uphill task. You have to find the perfect balance or avoid it altogether.

6. Consider Visiting A Board Gaming Cafe

Board gaming cafes will help your friend realize that tabletop games also provide an avenue for meeting new people and having fun in large groups. The cafes are also a great option if you don’t have an extensive selection of games at home.

It’ll probably take some time before your family and friends fall in love with these games. However, with a bit of persistence and consistency, you’ll soon find yourself a new team of competitive tabletop gamers.

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