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Developed by Photomath Inc, Photomath APK for Android is an open-source education app that comes free of cost. It allows the students to get over their fear and learn mathematics in an easy and fun way.

All the user needs to do is, point his or her mobile camera towards a math problem, and the app automatically provides a step-by-step solution. Since it was launched in 2014, it has been among the chart-toppers at Play Store and other app stores.


How Photomath is Developed?

The technology that works behind this app’s functionality is the proprietary software of Photomath. It’s amazing how fast Photomath detects a math problem and shows the solution. It’s almost a second.

To solve the problem, however, Photomath needs to read the problem. The app’s eye is the latest in the domain of mobile vision technology. The scanner of the app is so powerful that it picks up a problem as soon as you point your camera towards the problem. You don’t even need to click a pic. You can also edit the problem with an intuitive and easy-to-use keyboard.

How Does Photomath Work?

Photomath works in two steps: the first is scanning and recognizing the math problem and the second step is solving it using algorithms designed using mathematics principles.

For scanning the problem, the app utilizes a technology called Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Developed by Microblink, this technology simply recognizes each character or symbol, whether it’s handwritten or printed.

Once the equation or problem has been successfully scanned, it’s given to the algorithms that use a vast database of formulae to find which formula solves the problem. Next up, an algorithm solves the problem. Unlike many other math apps, this one doesn’t just compute the answer and give you. Rather you get every step of the calculation.

It basically follows the same steps a human would resolve the problem. This app is just another pearl in the growing realm of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Furthermore, you can also edit a problem manually, even after the app has scanned it. You’ll see a pencil-like icon (edit icon) next to the equation. Simply click on it and you can manually make the changes.

This feature allows you to run the same problem with different values to play around a little. This also comes in handy if the scanner makes a mistake in scanning the equation.

How is it Helpful to Students?

For kids these days, working on mathematics at home is always strenuous and time-consuming. At home, their teachers are not available, parents have a hard time remembering how they used to do school math, and private tutors are not affordable or sometimes unavailable.

With this app, any student having a problem with math will find instant help. The app provides them the solution in a step-by-step manner. Each step is explained so that the student can understand how the problem is solved. Calculation steps can be customized based on your knowledge level. You can even break down a step into smaller steps.

It’s available in over 30 languages, so students can also use it in their native language.


Does it Really Revolutionize Learning Mathematics?

Very soon after people started using Photomath, they were just amazed by the concept of solving mathematics using the phone camera. In recent years, the developers have constantly upgraded Photomath with new capabilities, while keeping their focus on the users.

No matter how experienced the user is in maths, what their learning style is or what is their native tongue, Photomath can easily convert your boring maths sessions into a seamless, fun, and intuitive learning experience.

1. Handwriting recognition is one of Photomath’s revolutionary achievements. More than 100,000 images of handwriting have been processed into it. The new neural network system is almost 98% accurate in detecting any handwriting.

2. Graphs are another important feature. The app helps you to explore any details like domain, min, max, and root of a graph.

3. The animated calculation is a feature that intrigues many students. Instead of directly showing the solution, the developers have found a better way by animating the numbers and showing the steps performed to find out the solution.


There is a reason for which the app has a rating of 4.7 stars in Play Store and over 11.00.000 downloads and $6 million funding round from Goodwater Capital. This app is a great example of how a computer’s vision changes the user experience.

This technology can be implemented in other industries as well, replacing manual data entry. So if you have kids who are scared of maths and you want them to have a better understanding by using it on a bigger screen, download this app for PC and see how their interest grows towards maths.

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