How to Lock MacBook Keyboard? (Most Simply and Quickly)

Mac users may want to lock the MacBook keyboard temporarily for different purposes. For instance, if you are away from the Mac for a while and are afraid that your document is edited by others, you can try to lock the Mac screen.

In this post, you can understand in what cases you need to lock the Mac keyboard and the trackpad as well as different ways to lock the keyboard on Mac.

how to lock mac keyboard

Why Do You Need to Lock MacBook Keyboard?

In most cases, users try to lock the MacBook or Mac keyboard to avoid mis-hit when they are away from the device. Specifically, you come to this post for one of the following considerations:

  • Avoid mis-editing by yourself or any others;
  • Avoid cats hitting or even sleeping on the keyboard;
  • Avoid mis-hitting while watching a movie;
  • Lock the keyboard to clean it without causing interference.

How to Lock Mac Keyboard?

Many people asked, “Is there a keyboard lock shortcut on Mac?”. The answer is “No”. There is no specific shortcut or way to disable the Mac keyboard, but you can lock the keyboard from other aspects, such as locking the whole MacBook. Below are all effective methods for you to reach the goal to lock the keyboard on a Mac.

Method 1: Close the Mac Lid

Once you close the lid of the MacBook Air or Pro, the MacBook will go to sleep and stop displaying images and videos, thus locking the Mac screen. In this way, if you want to lock the MacBook keyboard most quickly and easily, just close the lid directly.

If you wish to unlock the keyboard on Mac, just turn on the lid and you can use the Mac keyboard normally.

Method 2: Use Control + Shift + Power Shortcut to Lock the Mac

As mentioned, there is not a specific keyboard shortcut to lock the Mac keyboard. However, you can use the combination key to lock the entire Mac to lock the keyboard.

If you don’t want to download third-party software to help you lock the keyboard on MacBook Air or Pro immediately, you can lock the MacBook directly.

Press the Control + Shift + Power combination key to lock the Mac. After that, your keyboard won’t work, either.

You can no longer worry about mis-editing that will damage your documents or texts in any other programs. While your hardware keyboard is locked as you have locked the entire Mac, you can also use the Mac by turning on the on-screen keyboard in whatever case you are in, such as at the login screen.

Method 3: Use Command + Option + Power Shortcut to Put Mac to Sleep

You can also use the shortcut to put Mac to sleep to lock the keyboard. Just hit the combination key Command + Option + Power to get your MacBook to sleep so that your keyboard will stop working.

Of course, if you noticed that the Mac keyboard isn’t working before and after login, you need to resolve the keyboard issue first.

Method 4: Use a Third-party Software

If you only want to lock the keyboard instead of any other components on the MacBook, not to mention the whole Mac device, you would better try a professional keyboard tool.

In this case, Karabiner Elements can be an optimal tool to help you customize the keyboard for your Mac with an easy-to-use interface and personalized settings. You can use this keyboard tool to lock your keyboard separately without locking the rest parts of the Mac.


You can learn to lock the Mac keyboard alone with the help of a third-party tool or lock the keyboard on your Mac device via locking the whole device or putting it to sleep. One of the methods can powerfully allow you to prevent the keyboard from mis-editing.

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