How to Change Margins in Google Docs


Normally, when you open Google Docs on Google Chrome, there will be margins above and below, to the left and to the right by default. Some of you may feel the margins on Google Docs unnecessary.

change margins on google docs

To make things worse, when you want to print that document from Google Docs, the margins remain in the printed paper. That is a waste of paper and doesn’t conform to the required formats of your teacher or boss.

In this way, you would like to adjust margins on Google Docs. So you just need to follow up to change top and bottom margins or left and right margins separately on Google Docs as you wish. Don’t worry. It is rather foolproof to change Google Docs margins with the following procedures.

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What are the default margins of Google Docs?

By default, the top, bottom, left and right margins are 2.54 cm or 1-inch Google Docs. Based on this fact, you can decide if you need to change or get rid of margins in Google Docs considering your format.

How to Change Margins in Google Docs?

Normally, some of you may only want to change top and bottom margins in Google Docs, while some people would rather to adjust top, bottom, left and right margins at one time. Or if you want to adjust paragraph margins in Google Docs rather than that of the whole document, it is also viable. So you can follow the parts below according to your needs.

Part 1: Change Margins in Google Docs for the whole document

That is to adjust top, bottom, left and right margins in Google Docs for the whole documents. Once you have adapted the margins with the following steps, the changes will apply to the whole document. And the top and bottom, right and left margins will be changed. For different users, you may use Google Docs on different devices like phone, iPad, and Google Docs app on computer. No matter on what device you use it, the steps are similar.

1. In a document in Google Docs, on the top left side, hit File > Page Setup.

file page setup on google docs

2. Locate Margins and choose to change Top, Bottom, Left, and Right margins.

google docs margins

3. Hit OK.

In the documents, you can see Google Docs margins have been changed. If you only want to change or get rid of top and bottom margins, you can just adapt top and bottom margins for the document. Especially, in terms of users who would like to check what margins are in Google Docs, you can go to File > Page Setup > Margins to view the value.

Part 2: Change Left and Right Margins for Paragraphs in Google Docs

However, for some users, you may only hope to change the margins of some paragraphs in Google Docs for emphasis or special formats. In Google Docs, it is feasible to adjust left and right margins for paragraphs without making changes to the whole document. So you need to refer to the steps below.

1. To change the left paragraph margins, in the ruler of the top of the document, move the left downward pointing triangle. Here, in the ruler, you can obviously see the left margin of this paragraph.

move the left download triangle in google docs ruler

2. To change the right paragraph margins, move the right download pointing triangle.

change right margins

In so doing, the left and right margins will be changed for the paragraph you selected. Therefore, you can control margins for paragraphs in Google Docs as well.

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Additional Information:

In case some users have no idea about what Google Docs does and what the default margins of Google Docs is, you can also consult the additional information, which will also enable you to make sure whether to change margins in Google Docs or not.

What is Google Docs?

Google Docs is Google-developed word processor, in which words slide presentations, spreadsheets, drawings, and surveys can be created, edited, and stored online. In Google Docs, created files can be opened on different devices so long as the browser supports Google Docs and you have an account for this web-based application. In most cases, external files processed on other word processors or software can be accessed, edited, and stored in Google Docs.

There is a characteristic of Google Docs as it allows multiple users to access the same file at the same time, which isn’t permitted on other software.

All in all, from this post, users can have a deeper understanding of Google Docs, especially, you may have already known how to adjust Google Docs margins. Or particularly, changing top and bottom margins in Google Docs or changing paragraph margins are mentioned. Now, you can control the margins in Google Docs on your own.

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