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Fixed: DX11 Feature Level 10.0 is Required to Run the Engine Windows 10

DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to run this engine is a common problem when you are playing the Fortnite or PUBG or any other games.

From the warning message, you can see DX11 feature level 10.0 Fortnite Windows 10 is essential if you would like to play games smoothly. And it is understandable that some of you call this DX 11 error as one of the DirectX issues on Windows 10.

The cause of the DX11 feature level 10.0 is mainly due to the outdated or corrupted video card driver and the update patch on Windows 10.

In light of this fact, you would be suggested to get the latest display driver and Windows update to see if it can be helpful for fixing your DX error.

How to Fix DX11 Feature Level 10.0 Is Required to Run the Engine on Windows 10?

Although the incompatible video card driver may be the cause of the DX 11 problem, you must attach much importance to the error message. According to what it describes, you need a DX 11 to play games or other actions.

So in the first place, you would better manage to check the DirectX version and then consider if there is much need to update your DirectX for Windows 10.


Solution 1: Check DirectX Version Using Dxdiag

With the help of Dxdiag, you are able to know more about the DirectX and the DX11 feature level 10.0 on Windows 10.

1. In Start search box, type in dxdiag and then hit Enter to move into DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

2. In DirectX Diagnostic Tool, under System tab, you can see the DirectX Version. Here it is DirectX 12 on Windows 10.

directx version

3. Then under the Display tab, check the Feature Levels and make sure that the DirectX Features, including DirectDraw Acceleration, Direct3D Acceleration, AGP Texture Acceleration are Enabled.

directx feature enabled

After you exit the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, it is likely that you will no longer stumble upon DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine on Windows 10.

If the DX11 occurs to you again, maybe it is high time that you did your best to update the DirectX for Windows 10.

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Solution 2: Update DirectX for Windows 10

Whether or not you can play games well depends much on the DirectX version you are using and also the feature lever for DirectX.

If you found the Direct 10 cannot make you perform well on Windows 10, you need to install a new one on your PC.

Manually Update DirectX:

To get DirectX 12 or any DirectX of any version, you can go to Microsoft site where you are able to know what the DirectX is and what version of DirectX you need to install.

Tips: Things about DirectX you must know:

1. DirectX 13 and DirectX 12 is automatically integrated into Windows 10, there is no need for you to download it from the official If you want to update them, check for updates will help you achieve that.

2. DirectX 11 is included in Windows 8.

3. For Windows 7 and Windows Vista users, DirectX 10 has already come with your system. But to update it, you need to install a package from the Microsoft site.

So it is wise for you to get the DirectX or update it by referring to your system version at first.

Automatically Update DirectX:

If you don’t want to take more time to download DirectX yourself, you can update it automatically. Driver Booster is a professional drivers tool and game components tool. It can help you download the latest drivers for your computer.

Besides of drivers, you can download DirectX, OpenAL, VCRuntime, AdobeAir, .Net 4.0 or other game components for your computer.

1. Download, install and run Driver Booster on your computer.

2. Click Scan.

driver booster scan now

3. Click Update or Update Now. Find the DirectX and click update button. Of course, you can update all the drivers and game components one time with update now button.

update microsoft visual c redistributable driver booster

Then the updated DirectX can make your DX 11 error disappear and you won’t receive the issue when you play Fortnite or ARK.

Solution 3: Update the Graphics Driver for Windows 10

It is advisable that you try your best to update the video card driver on your PC, such as Intel HD graphics driver and AMD driver.

But whatever your graphics card is, you are able to download the updated graphics driver for Windows 10 in Device Manager.

1. Open Device Manager.

2. In Device Manager, expand Display adapters and then right click the display driver on your PC to Update driver.

3. Then decide to Search automatically for updated driver software.

search automatically small

You may have taken notice that Windows 10 Device Manager is searching online automatically for the updated display driver you want.

Upon the time Device Manager installed the driver for you, start your game again and you will find there will no more DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine ark on Windows 10.

Or if the Device Manager failed to find you the up-to-date display driver, maybe you should navigate to the official site of your video card, such as Intel or AMD, and then install the driver manually by yourself.

Solution 4: Check for Updates on Windows 10

It is said that Microsoft will release Windows 10 update in a certain period of time. Normally, these updates will bring you more functionalities which are capable of dealing with various issues.

Therefore, when you run into DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine error, you may as well attempt to check if there are any updates on your PC.

1. Go to Start > Settings > Update & Security.

2. Then under Windows update, click Check for updates.

check for updates button

In this sense, Windows 10 updates will automatically install on your PC and if possible, they can make the game application runs well without DX11 issue.

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