Fix Minecraft Keeps Crashing Windows 11, 10 (2023 Update)

Minecraft 1.81 crashes on startup, or Minecraft opens then closes unwittingly, which is the common concern among Minecraft players. For some people, even with the new Minecraft launcher, Minecraft Windows 10 edition keeps crashing all the time.


Why Does My Minecraft Keep Crashing?

What to do If Minecraft Keeps Crashing?

Why Does My Minecraft Keep Crashing?

The causes of the crashing Minecraft consist of many factors. The possible ones are Java issues, Graphics card driver corruptions, and Minecraft VBOs settings.

Refer to the following methods to fix this Minecraft 1.11.2 keeps crashing over and over.

What to do If Minecraft Keeps Crashing?

Whenever your Minecraft does crash, Minecraft keeps crashing Windows 10 when you start it up or it is the Java crashing Minecraft, it is urgent and necessary for you to solve the Minecraft game crashes at startup 1.12 or 1.11 2018.


Solution 1: Update Graphics Driver

No matter your Minecraft PS3 keeps crashing along with the Java constantly crashing or with the Minecraft server crashing, if your display card driver is outdated or corrupted, it is likely that Minecraft keeps kicking you out of Windows 10 and 11.

In this way, you would better manage to update the NVIDIA GeForce graphics driver or AMD driver, etc.

To help you remove the error Minecraft crashes when you play or create a world, you may as well use Driver Booster to download the compatible display driver.

Driver Booster is a professional driver update software, it provides an easy way to manage device drivers on your computer. The application scans you computer’s devices and update its driver automatically from a database of over 3,000,000 drivers and game components.

1. Download and install Driver Booster on your PC and then double click the desktop icon to run it.

2. Click Scan search for the corrupted driver that can lead to Minecraft Xbox 360 keeps crashing.

driver booster scan now

2. Click Update to install the graphics driver.

driver booster update graphic driver

Now with the updated display driver, you are capable of solving the Minecraft keeps crashing 1.62, 1.81.

You will not get the crashing Windows 10 Minecraft every 2 or 3 minutes.

Solution 2: Update Game Components

Besides of graphic driver, if your computer missing some of the game components such as DirectX, OpenAL, XNA Framework, it may cause minecraft crashes. So try to update game components. You should use Driver Booster to download and update them automatically. You can download it from solution 1.

After running it, you can select the game components to update it one by one or update all in one time.

Solution 3: Turn Off VBOs Settings

It has been proved that VBOs settings can affect the performance of Minecraft Windows 10. Many users reported that turning off VBOs settings can in a large sense remove Minecraft PS3 keeps crashing.

1. Launch your Minecraft and then go to Settings > Video Settings.

video settings in minecraft

2. In Video Settings, click the option: Use VBOs: OFF.

use vbos in video settings

3. Reboot your computer.

In this case, the Minecraft keeps crashing PC would disappear.

Tips: What is VBOs in Minecraft?

Short for Vertex Buffer Object, VBO is an OpenGL feature to upload vertex data, such as position, color, etc to the video device. It is the VBOs that render data directly to the video devices.

But sometimes, the VBOs settings would also cause you to encounter Minecraft crashes on PS4. You can see to solve the Minecraft crashes in Windows 10 edition, you would better close VBOs for Minecraft 1.87.

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Solution 4: Uninstall and Reinstall Java

But if your Minecraft crashing with mods or at startup, you need to fix Java keeps crashing error at first. It is possible that it is the Java issue making Minecraft crash on Windows 7, 8, or 10.

1. Go to Control Panel.

2. In Control Panel, try to View by Category and in Programs, choose to Uninstall a program.

uninstall a program

3. In Programs and Features window, scroll down to find out Java Runtime Environment and then Uninstall it.

uninstall java in programs and features

Here as there are different verisons of Java, it is not necessarily be Java Runtime Environment, you would better check your it on your PC.

4. Restart your PC and reinstall Java online.

Once the new Java update is downloaded, launch your Minecraft again to check if it remains crashing. If Windows 10 Minecraft 1.11.2 keeps crashing persists, you may have to uninstall this game and reinstall Minecraft as well.

Solution 5: Delete Minecraft files

Under the condition where removing Minecraft 1.8, 1.9 or uninstalling Java failed to fix the crashing Minecraft for Windows 10, it is a necessity to delete the files of the game.

1. Hit Windows + R the combination key to open the Run box.

2. In the box, copy in %APPDATA%\.minecraft and then click OK.

appdata minecraft in the run box

3. Then right click the Minecraft file to Delete it.

At the time you remove Minecraft files, you should download Minecraft patches online.

Now you can see if Minecraft does crash in Windows 10 edition.

Solution 6: Close User Account Control

The User Account Control (UAC) can to some extent cause conflicts with Minecraft 1.11, 1.12. Therefore, to fix Minecraft keeps crashing PC, it is advisable that you try to turn off User Account Control settings for Windows 10.

1. Type in Change User Account Control Settings in the search box and hit Enter to get in.

2. Slide the bar to the bottom of the notification settings to Never notify. Then click OK to save changes.

user account control never notify

After that, Minecraft keeps crashing when you join a server will not come to you.

In a nutshell, if you can try these ways above, you will not meet with Minecraft keeps crashing on launch or when you open a world. You can mainly allow it to be away from Minecraft constantly crashing by changing Minecraft VBOs settings.

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