5 Common Problems with Mac and How to Fix Them

When you invest in a Mac, you’re getting a quality computer that lasts. However, without proper maintenance, you could be setting your Mac up for failure. Knowing issues that your computer and how to fix them can keep your Mac running smoothly for years and years to come.

common problems mac

1. Issues at Startup

Sometimes when we open up our computer to start using it, things run slow. You may notice that you’re staring at a blank screen for a while and that the problem repeats. If you suffer from this issue with your Mac, you’ll need to reboot and give it a jump start in safe mode.

Solution: Give it a Boot

To solve this issue, you’ll need to head over to safe mode. While there, press and hold down the ‘Shift’ key, waiting until the logo appears and then disappears. This set of actions should take you over to log in after a few minutes where you can get back to work and start using your computer again.

2. Login Issues

If you have a lot of apps, your Mac is likely busy keeping up with them all. It has to keep track of them and all of the information they hold, as well as all the login info. Incompatible apps can freeze up your screen at startup and create huge lag time as your Mac tries to figure out what is going on.

Solution: Pick and Delete

While the solution may sound a bit tedious, it will save you a lot of downtime in the end. To start, head over to your ‘System’ and choose ‘Users & Groups.’ From here, you’ll be able to see all login items that launch along with your computer. Remove a few of them and restart your device to see if the problem persists. It’s like a trial and error process, and you may need to clear out your schedule to get to the bottom of it.

3. Unresponsive Apps

We’ve all had that one app that seems to take forever. For your Mac device, some apps can cause many issues, hanging them up and freezing your computer. It is a hassle when it happens, taking time to shut down and restart your computer. If you find that an app keeps on freezing up your device, you may need to delete it.

Solution: Force Quit

If you’re using a touchpad, head over to your ‘Force Quit’ menu by clicking the Apple. When the menu opens up, highlight the app or apps and programs that are causing your Mac to freeze up, force-closing them to free up your computer and bring it back to life.

4. The Beach Ball

Every Mac user knows the little beach ball spinning pinwheel. However, unlike its beachy comparison, it produces tension instead of fun. That’s because the spinning wheel indicates a holdup, one that can increase when your Mac starts to run slow. The key to avoiding the spinning wheel is to keep your computer free of bulk and junk.

Solution: Take Out the Trash

You may have apps, programs, and documents that hold up space and slow your Mac down. To get it cleaned out and running smoothly, you’ll need to take out your trash bins, delete unused apps, and check the current activity on your computer.

5. No Internet Connection

If you’re getting a message that says ‘no internet,’ even though your connection is solid, you might need to reset your computer. It happens with all devices, especially those processing loads of tasks and information at the moment. When you open Settings and see no Wi-Fi connection, you can solve it in a few ways; the best one is to forget and restart.

Solution: Forget About It

When you can’t connect to a network, it can be helpful to forget the network and remove it from your standard connections. Then, you can try again from the very beginning, allowing your Mac to create a stable and reliable connection once again. Sometimes wires get crossed or the system experiences downtime, so let them meet again and come together in unison.

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