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What Kind of Drivers Need to be Updated for Desktop and Laptop

Drivers are an essential parts of computer. If your computer needs to work properly, it is a necessary step to install computer drivers for all computer hardware except the computer system. Without the driver, your screen will not display, your keyboard will not respond, and the mouse has no response.

Updating your computer’s drivers together with other updates can fix problems you may encounter and improve the performance and balance laptop and components units. So, when your system is updated, which drivers need to be updated? You can read this article to learn more about it.

Graphic Card Drivers

As an important part of one computer, graphic card driver will be a necessary software you should update. The incompatible or outdated graphic driver can cause Blue Screen of Death, screen crashing, and low screen performance, etc. So updating your NVIDIA, AMD and Intel graphic card driver to the latest version will speed up your computer performance, enhance game experience, etc.

Audio Card Drivers

As an accessory hardware for one computer, audio card drivers should also be updated. The missing audio driver, fault audio driver will lead to static or loud sound, microphone or speaker not working, etc. A good audio driver will afford more enjoyment in movies and musics for users.

The most common audio driver is Realtek High Definition audio driver. Of course, there are other audio drivers such as NVIDIA HD Audio driver, Dolby audio driver, IDT HD audio driver, etc.

Keyboard, Mouse and Input Devices Drivers

Your computer system keyboard has exclusive functionality buttons including an e-mail button, online button, and many others. Your keyboard doesn’t have to have any drivers and will be set up automatically by the operating system. But there are some special keyboards such as game keyboard, updating the driver and downloading the game software to set up it will be a better choice.

The same goes for the mouse. Updating the mouse driver will fix mouse cursor not moving, mouse left or right button not working issue.

For other external devices, when it is not recognized by the computer, you should download and install the driver to let it recognized by your laptop or desktop.

Controller drivers

Updating or putting in the most up-to-date drivers to your personal computer controllers, it may help the dependability with the computer system and enhance the trustworthiness and efficiency of the drives connected to the controller. In case you are working with a controller different from your computer system motherboard, check the controller motorist’s page for just a listing of controller manufacturers and drivers.

In case you do not use a different controller card, you may obtain the most recent controller drivers from a motherboard or PC producer. Check the motherboard motorist’s site for any listing of motherboard producers and one-way links for their drivers.

BIOS updates

Computer BIOS update is needed only after you are acquiring compatibility issues together with computer components or your personal computer hardware is just not performing well. Visiting your computer manufacturer or motherboard producer site helps you see if any BIOS updates can be obtained and what problems the updates will repair.

CD or DVD Drivers and Firmware

Updating your CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, or other CD unit drivers could facilitate the overall performance and compatibility of the drive.

Some producers can also have firmware updates accessible for their CD drives. Firmware updates assistance solve any hardware-related challenges you may be experiencing together with the CD drive including getting unable to read through some CD Discs or updating the location code on your own DVD.

In contrast to a driver update, firmware updates ought to be carried out for users who’re going through hardware problems with their drives. Most firmware updates are available by the manufacturer’s CD driver page, see the CD driver site for any listing of these backlinks.

Monitor and Screen Drivers

Normally, the monitor does not need a driver. But sometimes, if you connect the USB monitor or other special monitors to the desktop, you may need to download the special monitor drivers to compatible with the graphic card.

Modem drivers

Updating the modem drivers can improve the reliability of the modem and in some circumstances, it may strengthen the pace from the modem. You can visit modem drivers’ website to acquire the most recent drivers.

Some modem companies may additionally have firmware updates that upgrade the modem. And Firmware updates only need to be operated when your computer system or modem producer advise you to update it.

Motherboard drivers, firmware updates

Updating the PC motherboard or motherboard Chipset drivers can enhance the compatibility, reliability, and functionality of the motherboard as well as components set up in the computer.

Network card drivers

Updating the network drivers for the network card may improve the performance of your network card within the computer. There are two types of connection ways, one it the Ethernet network card and another type is wireless network card.

Whatever the Ethernet driver or wireless driver, you should go to the official site and find the latest version of the network card driver, download and install it step by step.

Some network card manufacturers also have firmware updates. Firmware updates may solve issues related to the compatibility on the community card or solve other components troubles.

Printer, Scanner Drivers

As an external device, printer or scanner driver is necessary when you want to print documents or scan documents. At first, you should connect the printer or scanner devices to the laptop or desktop, and then install the printer software.

After that, you should install the drivers from the CD disk or download the drivers from official site. There are many printer manufacturers such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Brother, Canon, Xerox, etc.

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